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Belt conveyor GUF-P Mini - Low-cost Transporting and Separation of small Parts

Whether it's feeding sorting lines with tiny screws or discharging lightweight more

Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System in action

mk’s Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System SPU 2040 used by Leading German more

Curved modular belt conveyor KMF-P 2040 - Efficiently handle any route

mk rounds off its portfolio of modular belt conveyors with the addition of more

Mechanical Modules and Components for Factory Automation

Our four business units, Profile Technology, Conveyor Technology, Linear Motion and Factory Equipment are built on our extensive modular aluminum profile system with more than 250 profiles. We position ourselves as an attractive outsourcing partner for virtually all mechanical sub-functions associated with factory automation, and as a provider of custom transfer systems with all-inclusive service.

geschaeftsfelder_klein_en Profile Technology Conveyor Technology Linear Motion Factory Equipment Transfer Systems

For the most part our customers are in the machine construction, automotive, electrical, packaging, plastics and tool industries, as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries. The intensive involvement with the requirements of the various industries is a matter of course for us, and so is all-inclusive service.

One Construction Kit. Many Possibilities. - read online

One Construction Kit. Many Possibilities. - read online

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