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Profile Series 50

The series 50 is built on the grid dimension 50 x 50 mm and its multiples. The groove width of 10 mm and the groove depth of 12 mm are designed for use with DIN M8 screws. Fastening with M4, M5 and M6 threaded unions is also possible.

The outer bore channels ø = 7 mm are designed for direct tapping of M8 thread, and for a self-tapping M5 thread insert or a Helicoil M6 wire thread insert.

The high-quality aluminum alloy, AlMgSi 0,7 F28, ensures high stability and strength of the profiles. Together with the innovative geometry they are ideally suited for high static loads in machine construction applications. The profile mk 2011 (100 x 100 mm), for example, replaces the squared tube used in classic structural steelwork with 4 mm wall thickness and is even lighter with less deflection!

Series 50 profiles are used for heavy frames, racks, and bearing constructions.

Additional information on the profile series 50

Profile Cross Sections with CAD Data Series 50

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CAD data mk 2000
CAD data mk 2033
CAD data mk 2031
CAD data mk 2030
CAD data mk 2017
CAD data mk 2014
CAD data mk 2011
CAD data mk 2008
CAD data mk 2006
CAD data mk 2005
CAD data mk 2004
CAD data mk 2003
CAD data mk 2002
CAD data mk 2001
CAD data mk 2072

Application Examples Series 50

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