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Transfer systems available as CAD model

mk has extended its CAD online database to its transfer systems Versamove and more

Packed, Sealed, Sold, Sent

How Packaging Machines Can Be Flexibly Adapted to Meet the Most Diverse more

Curved modular belt conveyor KMF-P 2040 - Efficiently handle any route

mk rounds off its portfolio of modular belt conveyors with the addition of more

Linear Motion References

Linear module LZR, series 60 for wood saw

Wood saw with linear module as fully automated feed unit
Linear module with timing belt and guide rollers with rails for the company, Rollon
Carriage with sheet metal wiper to guard against heavy fouling

Sliding guides

Double adjustment unit VST 2015 with manual digital display
Adjustment unit VST 2011 with two guide carriages running in opposite directions
Adjustment unit VST 2015, electric motor for automatic width adjustment
Double adjustment unit VST 2011 on profile series 50 profile frame
Adjustment unit VST 2015, electromotive with recirculating ball bearing guide
Pneumatic unit system 2000 as electromagnetic parts separating units

Track Roller Guides

Linear module type LZR 2005-38.44-30 with two lateral carriages and boom
X-Z portal with supplemental pneumatic weight compensation
Horizontal carriage consisting of linear module, type LZR 2005-38.44-30
Two-dimensional gantry with magnetic grippers and frame with integrated guarding
Double LZR 2005-38.44 with boom for ZRF-P 2010 as lift
X-Y-Z handling consisting of double LZR 2005-34.30

Recirculating Ball Bearing Guides

Recirculating ball bearing guides KU 25.10 and KU 30.10 with different guide carriages
Linear module LZR with recirculating ball bearing guide
Lift unit with LZR with recirculating ball bearing guide
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