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Belt conveyor GUF-P Mini - Low-cost Transporting and Separation of small Parts

Whether it's feeding sorting lines with tiny screws or discharging lightweight more

Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System in action

mk’s Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System SPU 2040 used by Leading German more

Curved modular belt conveyor KMF-P 2040 - Efficiently handle any route

mk rounds off its portfolio of modular belt conveyors with the addition of more

Download Catalogues and Flyers as PDF

Here you will find all current catalogues and flyers in PDF format for free download. Please contact us if you need further information.


mk Profile Technology
Catalogue 3.1
Over 250 profile cross sections, mature connection technology, as well as an extensive line of accessories await you in our PT catalogue.

mk Linear Motion
Catalogue 2.0
Select from sliding guides, guide rollers, and recirculating ball bearing guides - whether as manual adjustment units or linear modules driven by timing belts.

mk Conveyor Technology
Catalogue 3.1

20 standard conveyor systems that can be configured individually to your requirements, enable transport of virtually all goods.

mk Factory Equipment
Catalogue 3.0
Factory Equipment includes guarding, such as protective grating and machine enclosures, as well as assembly workstations, guardrails, treads and platforms.


Flyer Versamove
Pallet Handling System

With VersaMove, divided in three sizes (standard, plus and ultra) you get the right pallet handling system for any application.

Flyer News Assembly Components
Simpler, more flexible and stronger - these are our new fasteners, partially without any profile service. No drilling, no threading – only srew on and go.

Belt conveyor GUF-P 2045

Flyer Belt Conveyor 
GUF-P 2045

With the WTU 2010, we offer more than a collection of modules. We design complete solutions tailored to customer requirements - individually, promptly and if desired a turnkey basis.

Flyer Tray Transfer and Handling System
The tray transfer and handling system is optimally matched to a patented reusable tray that is capable of full automation. Thus even the smallest production series can be cost effectively automated.

Flyer GTP
(Guardrails, Treads, Platforms)

In the Factory Equipment business unit, among other things, we offer custom-tailored solutions in the form of landings, work platforms, transitions, treads, and guardrails.

Flyer mk Construction Kit
Here, on 44 pages you will find an overview of our entire product line and thus a summary of the catalogs of our 4 business units.

Flyer SPU 2040
Pallet Recirculation System
Dispense with lift stations or devices for the return of pallets. With our flat top chain conveyors the pallets remain in constant circulation.

KMF-P 2040

Flyer KMF-P 2040
Curved modular belt conveyor
Due to the modular design and the combination of straight sections and inclines, practically any route can be implemented in three-dimensional space.

Flyer Incline Conveyor ECO
ECO stands for economy - high material quality, fulfillment of customer requests, fast delivery times; and all of this at a minimal price. Select from 18 permanently defined variants.

Flyer Configurator Guarding
Use the Configurator Guarding to quickly and easily design individual distance guarding without a CAD system or CAD skills. You can reduce the processing time by up to 80% by using the configurator.

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