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Versamove Transfer System Boasts New Compact Curve

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Conveying. Interlinking. Handling.

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50 Years of Passion for Technology

One of the first conveyors (approx. 1972)

The year 1966 witnessed it all: The Beatles coming together for the last time, the “Wembley goal” during the World Cup Final, and the premiere of Star Trek. And in Troisdorf, Hans-Josef Kitz was laying the foundation of his own mechanical engineering company. “’Passion for Technology’ had been his motive,” recalls his son Stephan Kitz, managing director of that company today. He went on to further describe his father as an “extremely creative and talented designer.” Products made in Germany are unsurpassed in their reputation for their high technical quality. Hans-Josef Kitz also shared this passion.

As a young entrepreneur Hans-Josef Kitz started this first production facility over half a century ago in a garage of 15 square meters in size, that was attached to his parent’s house. One of the first designs by Hans-Josef Kitz included a celery washing machine for a farmer from the neighborhood. In the early years, as a contractor, he built machines and components for local companies. During this time, more and more of his own products were developed. And then in 1972 he developed his first standard conveyor. Even to this day, conveyor technology is a central pillar of mk’s business.

The 100.000th conveyor (2013)

Good prospects for the future

The wealth of ideas and power the company has is evident in global position 50 years after its founding. The mk Technology Group, which was developed from Maschinenbau Kitz GmbH, is currently in the European and American markets. It is among the leading providers of mechanical modules, components and system solutions for factory automation – a branch with good prospects for the future due to the globalized effort to modernize production facilities and improve processes. Many of the products that mk offers play a key role in this sector and modernization.

mk’s customers include mechanical engineering companies and automobile manufactures and their suppliers as well as research and knowledge-driven high-tech companies in the areas of pharmaceuticals and medical technologies, semiconductor production and the food and beverage industry. The mk Technology Group with its headquarter in Troisdorf-Bergheim has construction and production facilities located in eastern Germany, North America, Spain and the Netherlands. Globally mk employs around 350 people. In 2015 mk Technology Group had sales of 47 million euros.

The managing directors Stephan Kitz and Sascha Krebs

The human factor

Stephan Kitz attributes the success of the company to the human quality of entrepreneurship. He emphasizes, “What has always been important to me and my parents is the commitment within our family business; a company that is operating globally, but has roots in the region.” He further stresses that, “Most of the managers of mk Technology Group, today, have been developed in our company.” In addition to performance and expertise, especially collegiality and loyalty is a basis for the sustained success of mk.

Such individual characteristics are the basic human values that enrich engineering; and have thus helped the company gain a good position globally. mk offers competitive market prices primarily as a result of their problem-solving expertise, gathered over several decades. In addition to their superior quality in the design and manufacturing of components and systems, mk has the desire and ability to fulfil every customer’s needs accurately and on-time.


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