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mk will be presenting its diverse range of pallet transfer and plant interlinking system solutions at Motek 2017 in Stuttgart from 9 to 12 October 2017. As well as the new TKU 2040 indexing chain conveyor and SPU 2040 accumulating pallet circulator, mk will be showcasing its modular Versamove standard pallet transfer system.

Maschinenbau Kitz offers the right conveyor system for practically every kind of transported good and application. At Motek 2017, mk will be showcasing its versatile system solutions for pallet transport and plant interlinking. The systems are all compatible with a modular design based on the proven and comprehensive mk modular profile and conveyor technology system. The mk aluminium profile system provides the basis for extremely robust designs that are also still compact, flexible and adaptable.

The focus of the booth will be the new TKU 2040 indexing chain conveyor system. This system is especially well suited for defined, position-oriented supply and removal as well as for interlinking machining centres. The system’s timing can be individually configured to a fixed cycle. The conveyor body is available in a design with a predefined width or adjustable width, which makes it flexible for use with workpieces of different sizes. According to the specific requirements, the workpiece fixtures can be prisms made out of either polyoxymethylene (POM) or brass, which are optimal for holding round work pieces. Alternatively, profile pallets can be individually equipped with customer-supplied workpiece fixtures. The TKU 2040 makes cycled supply and interlinking possible, for example in the machine tool and plastics industry as well as in the automotive industry.

As another highlight, mk is presenting its Versamove modular transfer system in the “standard” model, its smallest weight and size class with the new compact curved module (available from October). Versamove is a solid and reliable high-quality system for pallet transport. The modular system design allows for quick and transparent scheduling and project planning. It has the flexibility to be expanded and is perfect for adapting to conditions on site. The special feature of this system is the new extremely compact curve that enables 180° turns (also 90°) in the narrowest of spaces. That lets you dispense with lift-traversing and lift-rotate units because the workpiece retains its alignment. The curved module is available with its own drive or can be operated through the adjoining section. While developing the system, we ensured its compatibility with systems that are currently available on the market. As a result, third-party pallets can be used on the Versamove standard. It is therefore possible to extend existing plants without any issue.

You can also see the SPU 2040 accumulating pallet circulation system. When interlinking multiple workstations with different cycle or changeover times in particular, this system enables the dynamic buffering and separation of pallets. Furthermore, once the workpiece is removed, the pallet is automatically conveyed back below the transport level and moved back to the top transport level ready to pick up the next pallet at the start of the transport track. Since the SPU 2040 is very compact in comparison to other systems on the market, it does not need much space and has excellent ergonomic features for the workers who position and remove the parts on the system. The system is ideal for operation in measurement equipment or for supplying workpieces to welding plants in the automotive industry. The SPU 2040 is also extremely well suited for use in the plastics industry, by automotive suppliers or machine tool manufacturers for grinding or turning units.

With years of experience in conveyor technology, the mk team is your contact partner for application-specific and technical questions in relation to factory automation. Take the opportunity: Motek 2017, 9 to 12 October 2017, Stuttgart, Hall 3, Stand 3324



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