Motek 2018 - Factory Automation Made Easy

Conveyor lines designed quickly and cost-effectively, workstation systems that can be easily and flexibly adapted and an impressive round tube profile system – mk will be presenting its modular system for factory automation with its extended range of features at Motek 2018.

Our objective has always been lean and efficient production processes. Conveyor lines need to be planned quickly and, in particular, cost-effectively as well as being able to be flexibly adapted as required. The manual workstation next to it must be ergonomically and individually expandable to fit into the automated processes. In order to meet these requirements, mk has expanded its factory automation modular system with a range of new modules and will be presenting these together with tried-and-tested solutions at Motek 2018.

The flat top chain conveyorsby our new subsidiary E-M-M-A, also known as plastic chain conveyors, are being used very successfully in all areas of industry. Virtually any track design within a three-dimensional space is cost-effective and can be implemented with minimal space requirements. Quickly planned and easily built, products ranging from 10 to 600 mm can be conveyed with different chain widths, cleats and side rails, alternatively also on workpiece carriers.

In principle, the new D28 round tube system was developed for lean production, providing optimised and economical use of production resources. Almost any design for individual workshop and assembly equipment can be built using only 13 standard components. Whether for supply trolleys, shelves, racks or extensions for workstations, the easy-to-use round pipe system means that a single person can put together brand new structures or extensions with little effort.

The industrial workstations with new electric height adjustment and extended functional accessories provide the ideal ergonomics and maximum planning freedom needed for innovative workplace design with its constantly changing requirements. Flexible attachments and modular staging trolleys and racks guarantee ideal tool and workpiece positioning as well as a continuous and fast material supply.

In addition to the new products, mk will also present its tried-and-tested feeding and linking systems, such as the SPU 2040 Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System, the compact Versamove Pallet Recirculation System and its diverse portfolio of belt conveyors.

With years of experience in profile and conveyor technology, the mk team are the people to contact for application-specific and technical questions relating to factory automation.
Motek 2018, 8 to 11 October 2018, Stuttgart, Hall 3, Stand 3323