Higher energy efficiency for mk motors

mk implements new EU regulation and goes above and beyond requirements

mk Technology Group will install IE3 class motors in its conveyors and transfer systems in the future, and thus goes above and beyond the new EU regulation (EC) no. 641/2009. 

Beginning on 01.07.2021, motors between 120 to 750 watts must satisfy energy efficiency class IE2. However, mk and its suppliers are going one step further than required by the regulation. Instead of complying only with class IE2, mk will use class IE3 motors – one level better. All design data will be promptly updated with the new IE3 motors. mk can therefore ensure that all systems will be adapted accordingly by the end of Q1/2021.

Please note that some IE3 motors are slightly larger than the motors previously used, which can lead to interfering contours in tight installation spaces.

“By switching to the new IE3 motors, our customers can now save electricity and be sure that our products will continue to comply with current standards and use the latest technology.”
Andreas Klihm, Product Manager, Conveyor Technology and Transfer Systems at mk.

  • Motorenumstellung IE3
  • Motorenumstellung IE3