Motek 2019 - Custom-made Pallet Systems

Modular. Flexible. Individual.

Precisely positioned and reliably timed pallets on flexible and modular conveying paths – At Motek 2019, mk will be showcasing its versatile and customised system solutions for pallet transportation and plant interlinking.

Automated and networked parts production involves transferring products onto pallets, which enables their position to be defined exactly throughout the entire production and assembly line. The transfer systems for interlinking the individual machining stations ensure the reliable cycling, feeding, sorting, buffering, separation, turning, loading and unloading of the pallets. The systems should be flexible and modular, ideally allowing integration of robots, and of course also offer a good price/performance ratio. In order to meet these requirements, mk has expanded its system solutions for transporting pallets to include new, customer-focused modules. It will be presenting these together with its tried-and-tested solutions at Motek 2019.

New transport system for low weights

The new, flexible Versaflex pallet system now completes the mk range for pallet transportation. The range of proven systems based on timing belts, accumulating roller chains, chains and flat top belts is now being expanded to include a single-track and lightweight flat top chain conveyor system, which also known as a plastic chain conveyor. The system is designed for products weighing up to 10 kg per pallet and has a system width of 85 mm (chain width 83 mm).

The single-track design and curve radii starting at 160 mm allows complex routes to be mapped in confined spaces using just a single drive and at a maximum speed of 25 m/min. The pallets have a standard width of 150 mm and are guided by side rails. In addition to the conveying paths, the system also has function modules such as stoppers for accumulating, buffering or separating as well as switches for distributing the pallets to several conveying tracks. It also features positioning units for precise centring or for decoupling the pallets during loading or removal.

The Versaflex system features a modular design and is simple and cost-effective to integrate into your production process, adapt and expand.

Versatile modules for flexible recirculation

Versamove is a solid and reliable system for pallet transport. The modular system design allows for quick and transparent scheduling and project planning. It has the flexibility to be expanded and is perfect for adapting to conditions on site. Divided into three weight and size classes, it always has the right system for any application. mk will be demonstrating two versions of the system at Motek: The first is a lift and storage solution based on the Versamove plus with a total load of up to 100 kg per pallet.

The second is the Versamove standard, the smallest system in the Versamove range, with a total load of 40 kg per pallet. The special feature of this systemis the new extremely compact curve that enables 180° (and 90°) turns in the narrowest of spaces. This eliminates the need for lift-and-traverse units and lift-and-rotate units because the workpiece retains its alignment. While developing the system, we ensured its compatibility with systems that are currently available on the market. As a result, third-party workpiece carriers can be used on the Versamove standard. It is therefore possible to extend existing plants without any trouble.

Buffered feeding in the tightest of spaces

In addition, mk will also be presenting the SPU 2040 accumulating pallet recirculation system. When interlinking multiple workstations with different cycle or changeover times in particular, this system enables the dynamic buffering and separation of pallets. Furthermore, once the workpiece is removed, the pallet is automatically conveyed back below the transport level and then returned to the top transport level, ready to pick up the next pallet at the start of the transport track.

Since the SPU 2040 is very compact in comparison to other systems on the market, it does not need much space and has excellent ergonomic features for the workers who position and remove the parts on the system. The system is ideal for operation in measurement equipment or for supplying workpieces to welding plants in the automotive industry. The SPU 2040 is also extremely well suited for use in the plastics industry, by automotive suppliers or machine tool manufacturers for grinding or turning units.

Clocked interlinking with fixed cycles

You will also be able to see the TKU 2040 indexing chain conveyor system. This system is particularly well suited for defined, position-oriented infeeding and discharge as well as for interlinking machining centres. The system’s timing can be individually configured to a fixed cycle. The conveyor frame is available with either a predefined width or an adjustable width, which makes it flexible for use with workpieces of different sizes.

According to the specific requirements, prisms made out of either polyoxymethylene (POM) or brass can be used as the workpiece fixtures, which are optimal for holding round workpieces. Alternatively you can select profile pallets, which can be individually equipped with customer-supplied workpiece fixtures. The TKU 2040 makes cycled supply and interlinking possible, for example in the machine tool and plastics industry as well as in the automotive industry.

With many years of experience in conveyor technology, the mk team is your first point of contact for application-specific and technical questions relating to factory automation. Take the opportunity!

Motek 2019, 07 to 10 October 2019, Stuttgart
Hall 3, Stand 3323

  • Versaflex rundet das mk-Portfolio für den Werkstückträger-Transport ab

  • Versamove plus mit einer Gesamtlast von bis zu 100 kg pro Werkstückträger

  • Versamove standard, mit einer Gesamtlast von bis zu 40 kg pro Werkstückträger

  • SPU 2040 für eine gepufferte Zuführung auf engstem Raum

  • TKU 2040 für eine getaktete Verkettung mit festen Zyklen