Transfer systems available as CAD model

mk has extended its CAD online database to its transfer systems Versamove and SPU 2040. Starting immediately, all modules belonging to these models can be downloaded for free without registration.

During the construction of production systems, many different types of machines and workstations are chained together using conveyor lines. Using CAD data, finished 3D modules are imported and effectively connected to an integrated plan.

mk makes it possible to create a quick and efficient layout by offering, in addition to the data already available for other product groups, construction data for download for the following pallet transfer systems’ individual modules:

  • Versamove standard
  • Versamove plus
  • SPU 2040

At users receive direct access to the 3D CAD models in STEP format. The data can be downloaded for free without registration.

CAD online database

For seamless integration into existing systems, the individual modules have been created in different, predefined widths according to established standards. In order to keep data volume low, the geometries have been simplified.

CAD models with widths that deviate from the given standards are available upon request




  • Transfersysteme als CAD-Modell verfügbar
  • Transfersysteme als CAD-Modell verfügbar