Flat Top Chain Conveyors

Create Complex Lines with a Single Conveyor System

Flat top chain conveyors are typically used for transporting bottles, cans or small boxes in feed and interlink systems. Complex, three-dimensional track layouts can be easily constructed with just a single conveyor, eliminating the joints and transitions between conveyors.

New E-M-M-A Flat Top Chain Conveyor

The flat top chain conveyors produced by our subsidiary E-M-M-A, also known as plastic chain conveyors, are becoming a cornerstone of the mk portfolio and will replace the current flat top chain systems in the medium term. The solutions are available as both chain conveyor systems and workpiece carrier systems. E-M-M-A flat top chain conveyors have been operated with maximum success for years now and reliably transport the widest variety of products to their destination.

Technical data:

  • Widths: 45 mm, 65 mm, 85 mm, 105 mm, 175 mm and 295 mm 
  • Lengths: up to 40000 mm
  • Total load: up to 200 kg
  • Speed: up to 50 m/min

E-M-M-A product catalogue

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Read more about the integration of E-M-M-A into the mk Technology Group.

Currently available mk flat top chain conveyors

Various flat top chains made of plastic, steel or stainless steel are available to suit your particular application, e.g. for use in the food industry.

Technical Data:

  • Widths: 100 and 130 mm
  • Lengths: 600–15,000 mm
  • Total load: typically up to 150 kg
  • Speed: up to 60 m/min
  • Options: dual-line, incline, curved, INOX