SBF-P 2254 Flat Top Chain Conveyor

Modular flat top chain conveyor for complex transport tasks in the food, beverage, glass, pharmaceutical and paint industries.

  • Modular
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy

Technical specifications

Type of goods Loose piece goods, boxes
Type of ways Straight, curve 90°/180° & incline up to 20°
Length up to 25000 mm
Width 100 and 130 mm
Speed up to 40 m/min
Maximum load up to 150 kg
Chain widthB -15 mm
Hinge chainPlatic or steel, optional with cams
Drive versionsAC
Belt body profilemk 2254

Features of the SBF-P 2245

  • Ideally suited for the food, beverage, glass, pharmaceutical and paint industries
  • For feeding and interlinking bottles, cans and small boxes
  • Modular design for fast and affordable creation of complex conveyor systems
  • Track layout can be easily changed according to production conditions
  • Side slots on the conveyor frame profile for attaching accessories such as side rails, stands, etc.

Product Description

The SBF-P 2254 modular flat top chain conveyor is ideally suited for feeding and interlinking bottles, cans or small boxes in the food, beverage, glass, pharmaceutical and paint industries. Its modular design lets you create complex conveyor systems quickly and economically, and it minimises the work required to make changes to suit production conditions. The connecting elements specially designed for this system allow you to easily assemble the individual modules into a complex conveyor system. In addition to straight tracks, you can select from both sliding and rolling curves of 90° and 180° as well as transfer segments and inclines for bridging height differences.

Configuration and modular Overview

Various flat top chains from different manufacturers can be delivered depending on your specific application. The slots on the sides of the mk 2254 conveyor frame profile allow you to connect side rails, stands, sensors and other accessories. The chain is guided entirely inside wear strips on both the upper and lower runs.

The flat top chain system is also available in stainless steel to meet the special requirements of the food industry.



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