SBF-EMMA Flat Top Chain Conveyor

Complete modular and standardised conveyor system  available as a turnkey solution or for you to build.

  • Complete modular
  • Standardised
  • Versatile

Technical specifications

Features of the SBF-EMMA

  • Modular design with standardised components
  • Easy to configure an cost-effective to create
  • Can quickly be adapted to changed production conditions
  • Very simple to extend or redeploy
  • Energy and space saving
  • Slots on the conveyor  frame profile for attaching accessories, side rails, etc.

Product Description

The fully modular and standardised flat top chain conveyors from our subsidiary EMMA are an integral part of the mk portfolio. They will replace the previous flat top chain conveyor SBF-P 2254 in the medium term. 

The range of options is much greater compared to the SBF-P 2254. The conveyor widths for the system begin at 45 mm for products starting from 10 mm wide and end at 295 mm for products up to 400 mm wide. Combined with the large selection of chains and cams, the system is extremely flexible. As a result, it lets you find practically any solution for every application. It can also be used for gentle transport and precise positioning with pallets.

EMMA flat top chain conveyors have seen huge success in a wide variety of industry  applications in recent years and transport a vast array of products to their destination with maximum reliability.

E-M-M-A Product catalogue


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