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Profile Series 25

The series 25 is built on the grid dimension 25 x 25 mm and its multiples. The groove width of 6 mm and the groove depth of 6.5 mm are designed for use with DIN M5 screws. Fastening with M4 and M6 threaded unions is also possible.

The face side center bore channel ø = 8.5 mm is designed for direct tapping of M10 thread, and for a self-tapping M6 thread insert or a Helicoil M8 wire thread insert. The outer bore channels ø = 4.2 mm are designed for directly tapping M5 thread, and for a self-tapping M3 thread insert or a Helicoil M4 wire thread insert.

You can also order many profile cross sections as bent profiles; simply specify angle and radius.

The classic applications of the profile series 25 are lightweight frames, display cabinets, measuring and test equipment, as well as housings for electronics.

Additional information on the profile series 25

Profile Cross Sections with CAD Data Series 25

Click the image caption for CAD data of the article via our PartCommunity portal.

CAD data mk 2025.01
CAD data mk 2025.31
CAD data mk 2025.32
CAD data mk 2025.35
CAD data mk 2025.36
CAD data mk 2025.37
CAD data mk 2025.38
CAD data mk 2025.39
CAD data mk 2025.41
CAD data mk 2025.42
CAD data mk 2025.43
CAD data mk 2025.25
CAD data mk 2025.22
CAD data mk 2025.02
CAD data mk 2025.03
CAD data mk 2025.04
CAD data mk 2025.05
CAD data mk 2025.16
CAD data mk 2025.17
CAD data mk 2025.18
CAD data mk 2025.19
CAD data mk 2025.20
CAD data mk 2025.21
CAD data mk 2025.44

Application Examples Series 25

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