Foamed Combined Profiles for Extreme Cross Sections

Foamed combined profiles are combinations of profiles filled with foam that are used as columns and beams for gantries and machine frames with high loads, span widths and vibrations and as beams for long, heavy linear axes.

They are built by combining construction profiles of the 40, 50 or 60 series using special connection profiles, and then they are filled with foam. Filling the hollow spaces between the profiles with foam permanently binds the profiles together. This results in beams that are custom-tailored to the particular application and that can withstand even dynamic loads.


This technology allows us to create custom cross sections up to 420 x 240 mm and span widths in standard lengths up to 5 m. Their deflection behaviour is comparable to an IPE 220 steel I-beam. In addition to binding the profiles, the foam also helps absorb vibrations.


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