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SPU 2040 - Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System

The SPU 2040 is an accumulating pallet recirculation system with which we offer cost-effective linking, feeding, buffering, positioning and separating of workpieces in the smallest possible space. The robustness and the variety of configurations of the system allows it to be used in practically all areas of automation and material flow.

Automatic recirculation of pallets

Using a flat top chain the workpieces on the pallets are loaded on the upper transport level. After removal of the workpieces the empty pallets are safely carried over the return roller and then conveyed back on the underside of the conveyor. They are then once again available at the starting point of the conveyor waiting to be loaded with new workpieces. A second conveying level and devices for lifting and lowering are no longer required. Neither is any additional manual or automated loading of pallets necessary.

Advantages of the SPU 2040

  • Cost-effective interlinking of two processing stations
  • Process-safe feeding, buffering, positioning and separation
  • Compact design with space-saving recirculation of pallets beneath the transport level
  • Buffer capacity compensates for varying cycle times within the production line.
  • Flexibility as a result of the modular design and variable pallets
  • Loading depends on the speed, the maximum value being
  • 300 kg (Single-lane) and 450 kg (Dual- and Double-lane)
  • Conveyor lengths ranging from 2 to 10 m
  • Speeds ranging from 4 to 15 m/min
  • Low friction and low maintenance

Single lane SPU 2040

Dual lane SPU 2040

Double lane SPU 2040

Flyer SPU 2040

SPU 2040

SPU 2040 - Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System

Accumulating pallet recirculation system for cost-effective linking, feeding, buffering, positioning and separating of workpieces in the smallest possible space. 

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Overview of Modules

CAD data download

The CAD data of the individual modules are available in STEP format. The download is free of charge and possible without registration.

Download SPU 2040

Workpiece carrier/pallet SPU 2040

SPU 2040 - Workpiece carrier/pallet

In the case of single or dual-lane systems the lengths of pallets used range from 150 to 350 mm, while the widths of pallets range from 160 to 250 mm. The largest possible pallet weighs max. 3 kg. In the double-lane systems the pallet width is determined by the conveyor width. The pallet loads must be confirmed in advance to determine the center of gravity.

Technical data workpiece carriers/pallets

  • Total load 20 to 30 kg
  • The carrier plate is made of profile series 40 aluminum
  • Lateral locating groove and locating bushing
  • POM Slide rails
  • The max. weight of workpiece holder is 7.5 kg
Transfer line SPU narrow

SPU 2040 - Transfer line

Flat top chain conveyors are available in two different widths. The 114 system is designed using 2 profiles having a cross-section of 40 x 80 mm and can be used as single-lane or a multi-lane option. The 190 system, which is larger, is designed using 4 profiles of cross-section 40 x 40 mm and is used as a single-lane system, if the weight of the workpiece is not concentrated at the center and consequently additional supporting surface is needed. The flat top chain is made of wear-resistant carbon steel.



Direct drive SPU 2040

SPU 2040 - Drive

Vulkolan pressure pads ensure secure transfer of pallets over the return rollers. The pallets/workpiece carriers are thus moved automatically beneath the conveyor level with minimum space requirements. Individual pressure pads allow easy replacement.

Technical data direct drive

  • Flange-mounted hollow-shaft motor
  • Line speed can be adjusted via the motor
  • Arrangement is to the right or to the left of the conveyor line
  • The driving chain wheel is linked to the motor using a combination of shaft and coupling
  • Alternatively, you can use a safety coupling instead of a clamping coupling

Technical drive indirect drive

  • Gear motor with output shaft
  • Line speed can be controlled using the motor and the drive sprocket combination.
  • Location of the motor: Below the conveyor belt
  • Drive assembly to the right or to the left
  • Optionally, a safety coupling may be used

Return with automatic tensioning station

SPU 2040 - Return

Vulkolan pressure pads ensure secure transfer of pallets over the return rollers. In order to set the required chain tension, the system provides an automatic or manual tensioning station that is integrated in the return assembly. Tensioning stations are based on the length and the load on the system.

Return with automatic tensioning station

  • Pneumatic operation
  • Space-saving flat cylinders
  • Stroke 30 mm
  • Guidance of the tensioning station using linear anti-friction bearings and guide rods

Return with/without manual tensioning station

  • Stroke 35 mm
  • Adjustment via an eccentric
Centering station

SPU 2040 - Centering unit

  • Lateral connection to the body of the belt conveyor
  • Positioning accuracy of +-0.2 mm
  • Stopper sensing (SU 400) possible electrically or inductively
  • The stopper is installed for both stopping and centering
  • Lift using a pneumatic cylinder with a centering pin
Separator top

SPU 2040 - Stopper/Separator

  • Undamped stopping
  • Depending on the travel velocity for load up to 400 kg
  • Stopper sensing possible electrically or inductively
Protection housing with pendulum flap

SPU 2040 - Protective housing

The protective housing at the returns prevents unauthorized access during operation and minimizes the risk of injury to the operator. In the event of an accidental contact an optional pendulum flap gets triggered and stops the entire system. A cover between the flat top chain and the frame can be provided on request.

Frame with leveling foot

SPU 2040 - Frame

The base frame is used for the system to stand securely and firmly, and various working heights can be selected. As an option, the frame is also available with paneling elements (sheet metal or polycarbonate) and with casters as a mobile option. Alternatively, the system can also be configured with individual stands.

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