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Versamove Transfer System Boasts New Compact Curve

mk is expanding its modular pallet transfer system Versamove standard by a more

TKU 2040 – Indexing Chain Conveyor System

The TKU 2040 is a fixtured indexing timing belt conveyor for cost-efficient, more

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From 8 to 10 November 2017, mk will be at FMB 2017, the supplier trade fair for more

Conveyor Technology References

mk Magnet-S-Conveyor

Using magnets makes the over-head transport easy
Support rollers guide the belt through curved segments

Belt conveyor for heavy loads

Belt Conveyor GUF-P 2041 for heavy loads
Rollers are installed every 100 mm in the belt body for support
The frame is from the series 50 and thus forms a solid substructure

Cycle chain conveyor KTF-P 2040.02

Chain conveyor as dual-lane conveyor for conveyance of unmachined parts
V-blocks connected via chain lock serve as cleats for cam shafts
Width adjustment is enabled via two linear adjustment units

Curved configuration modular belt conveyor and turning station

Modular belt conveyor MBF-P 2040.02 AC with drip pan and rolling curves
Belt conveyor with magnets in the belt body for overhead carry
Curves of 45° - 180° are possible

Flat top chain conveyor as interlink

Flat top chain conveyor SBF-P 2254 with belt conveyor GUF-P 2000
Flat top chain conveyor as interlink for a packaging system
Straight and curved sections, as well as ascents and descents can be implemented

Modul-Con circulation system

Circulating system, Module-Con; long sections can be implemented with just one drive
A vertically arranged hollow pin chain is used for transport
Rolling tail and automatic tensioning station

Belt conveyor GUF-P MINI

GUF-P MINI BC as diagonal conveyor
GUF-P MINI BC with special side guide
GUF-P MINI BC as special configuration with 5 movable conveyor lanes

Belt conveyor GUF-P 2000

GUF-P 2000 AF and belt with lateral cleats in comb-like design
GUF-P 2000 BC with rolling knife edge and side guide
GUF-P 2000 AC with mechanism for folding and setting up paper bags before the filling process

Belt conveyor GUF-P 2041

GUF-P 2041 AC in multi-story version and movable stand system
GUF-P 2041 AF as hopper conveyor
GUF-P 2041 AC in special design

Belt conveyor GUF-P 2004

GUF-P 2004 with drive version AS and special belt for punch scrap
GUF-P 2004 AS laterally outside as 2-level conveyor with drip pans on a common base frame
GUF-P 2004 BC as 3-level conveyor for transport of fuel tanks

Curved belt conveyor KGF-P 2040

KGF-P 2040 BI reversible with 2-line side guide
Conveyor combination of 90° and 180° KGF-P 2040 with under-belt drive BI and height-adjustable underframe
Conveyor combination of 90° and 180° curved belt conveyor KGF-P 2040

Double belt conveyor DGF-P 2001

DGF-P 2001 AC with lift-out station and round belt conveyor between the conveyor lanes
Standard DGF-P 2001 with side rail integrated in belt guide
DGF-P 2001 AC with side guide for over-wide conveyed goods

Modular Belt Conveyors

Modular belt conveyor MBF-P 2040.02 AC and plastic bristles for gentle transport
MBF-P 2040.02 AC and drip pan
MBF-P 2040.02 AS with 45° bend and modular belt chain with lateral cleats

Incline Conveyors

KFG-P 2000 AC with sidewall for side restriction and lateral cleats
Incline conveyor KFM-P 2040.86 with modular belt
Incline conveyor KFS-P 2040.86 AC with perforated and nubbed flat top chain version

Timing Belts

2-lane ZRF-P 2010 AF as corner translator
ZRF-P 2040.02 AC and screwed-on V-block cam for parts receptacle
ZRF-P 2040.02 AC with welded-on V-blocks for accommodating parts

Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyor KTF-P 2010 with head drive AC
Accumulating roller chain conveyor SRF-P 2010 with electro-pneumatic arrests for the pallet
SRF-P 2010 with electro-pneumatic stop-separator

Flat Top Chain Conveyors

SBF-P 2254 with 180° curve element
Flat top chain conveyor SBF-P 2254 with steel chain and side guide
Flat top chain conveyor SBF-P 2254 with transfer pusher, e.g. for the packaging industry

Roller Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyor RBS-P 2065 for manual handling of containers
Tangentially driven curved roller conveyor 90° RBT-P 2255
Conveyor belt combination RBT-P 2255 with integrated lift-transfer conveyor
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