Automated measuring chamber for vision system

Problem definition
Measuring chambers are required for integration in a semi-automated production plant. The chambers must be completely enclosed and blacked out for the use of 3D camera systems. The products to be inspected are to be transferred to the chamber using automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) and fed in automatically. Inside the chamber, they are to be separated, photographed and weighed on individual measuring stations. Once they have been measured, the products need to be removed from the chamber and transported away.

mk Solution
The chamber enclosure as well as the holders for cameras, lighting and product supports are constructed from mk Series 40 aluminium profiles. To ensure a reflection-free environment for long exposure times, all internal components are anodised or painted black. The transport units for the supply and discharge of the products are made up of a combination of linear modules, roller conveyors and chain conveyors. The interlinking within the overall system also consists of mk conveyor and linear technology with protective device guards from mk.

Benefit to the customer

  • Complete system from a single source
  • Individually configurable thanks to an extensive range of profile, conveying and linear technology
  • Interlinking with the entire system via interfaces that offer process reliability
  • Suitable for specific environmental conditions
  • Includes installation, system control and commissioning on site



Aluminum profile series 40
> Accumulating roller cahin conveyor SRF-P 2010
> Track roller assemblies

  • Automatisierte Messkammer für Vision System

  • Messkammer aus schwarz eloxierten Profilen

  • Innenliegende Bauteile aus schwarz eloxierten Profieln

  • Gestell für Messkammer aus schwarz eloxierten Profilen

  • Messkammer mit schwarz eloxierten Profilen und Zubehör