Curved modular belt conveyor and turnover device

Problem definition
Interlinking of a production line on which steel parts of different dimensions are machined. The steel parts must be conveyed and turned during transport. Curves and variations in height must be negotiated during transport. Grinding residues and cooling lubricants are to be collected.

mk Solution
Development of a sideflexing modular belt conveyor that can reproduce the entire route without transitions with just one drive. The openings in the belt module allow liquids to drain. A magnetic belt conveyor and adjusting unit for adjusting the height of the parts were used to realize the turnover device.

Benefits to the customer

  • Curves of 45° - 180° feasible
  • Route configurable nearly at will
  • Load capacity with several curves up to 100 kg
  • Nearly no wear on the belt module due to inline curve guides
  • Also suitable for cartons, jars, cans and more



> Modular belt conveyor MBF-P 2040
> Drip pan
> Belt conveyor GUF-P 2000
> Adjustment units

  • Modulbandförderer MBF-P 2040.02 AC mit Tropfwanne und rollenden Kurven

  • Gurtförderer mit Magneten im Bandkörper zur Überkopfmitnahme

  • Wendestation mittels magnetischem Gurtförderer und Verstelleinheit

  • Rollende Kurve