Rotary tables for simple and affordable buffering

Problem definition
In a production process for ball bearings, ball bearing races of various sizes are manually positioned at the corresponding processing stations. Since the cycle times vary and to prevent the worker from constantly having to set and remove parts, a simple and cost-effective solution was sought to buffer the parts at the machine infeed. A single race can weigh up to eight kilograms.

mk's solution
Two rotary tables of different sizes with robust chain drives were developed for the worker to set the parts to be processed on. A special feature of the tables is a finely manufactured separator with roller bridges to facilitate the movement of the heavy races. The table top is made of textured stainless steel sheet, and the height-adjustable base frame, which is also equipped with castors, consists of series-40 profiles. The maximum total load is 100 kg, and the maximum rotation speed is 1 rotation per minute. Since the races are oil-moistened, the tables are also equipped with drip pans.

Benefits for customers

  • Easy and cost-effective buffering
  • Loading capacity up to 100 kg
  • High flexibility due to mk profile system
  • Cost-effective design uses many standard parts



Rotary table