Feeding and discharge with a shaker

Problem definition
In a testing process, containers need to be fed into a storage system and then discharged. After they are fed into the system, the containers need to be shaken and then positioned so that a robot can remove a sample. A worker fills the containers with products to be tested and removes the products that have already been tested. The feed and discharge lines must therefore be at an ergonomic height. The system must be safeguarded so that the worker cannot reach into the machine.

mk Solution
Conveyor system made from GUF-P 2000 belt conveyors. The belts are equipped with guide wedges along the running side to absorb lateral forces. Pneumatic clamps are used to fix the containers in place. Pneumatic stoppers position the containers with a precision of +- 0.2 mm so that the robot can remove the samples. A belt conveyor mounted on two linear units shakes the containers. A eccentric drive with a servomotor is used to achieve the shaking motion. Belt conveyors on the lower level allow for return of the products. The last belt conveyor is positioned at an angle of 11°. This makes the height at the end of the belt ergonomic for removal by the worker. Full guarding around the conveyor technology, with openings for inserting and removing products, guarantee the worker’s safety. Doors with locking devices ensure safe entry during maintenance work.

Benefit to the customer

  • Adapted to customer requirements
  • Simple, mechanical solutions for high reliability
  • Ergonomic and safe



> Belt conveyor GUF-P 2000
> Linear module LZR