Retrofitting a foil wrapping machine for delivery note pockets

A foil wrapping machine for manufacturing delivery note pockets with glued-on hook-and-loop fasteners is to be fully retrofitted and renovated. The machine processes 80 m of foil or silicone paper fully automatically to produce 1,000 delivery note pockets per minute. The system’s cast-steel frame is extremely inflexible in terms of colouring, processing and design expansions. The frame material is to be replaced with aluminium in a profile design to offer more variability, better ergonomics and a more modern appearance.

mk solution
The machine’s four modules were completely redeveloped. mk profile technology provided the necessary stability and functionality with a modern look. It is no longer necessary to machine the frame in multiple steps such as priming, painting, welding or drilling. In addition, operating elements for system control, control cabinets and guarding with safety contacts from the mk profile system have been integrated into the machine. Manual readjustments during operation, alignment processes and the mechanical aspects of the foil storage area with precise, integrated web tension control have been implemented using mk linear technology components.

Paper and foil unwinding: In the first step, paper and foil webs are unwound by an electromotive actuator with intelligent control of speed and braking. The racks for unwinding (paper: 2,000 mm, foil: 5,000 mm) are made of Series 60 aluminium profiles and equipped with levelling feet to anchor them to the floor, as well as fold-out drip and tread plates. The mk profile technology offers the necessary variability for positioning and aligning the rollers and attaching accessory tools to the slots in the profiles. The unwound foil is available as needed from the foil storage area with six metres of storage capacity and a pneumatic linear drive. The storage area is made from Series 50 and 60 profiles.

Heating tape and welding station module: In the heating tape and welding station, the foil is welded onto the paper lengthwise. The welding station is also attached to a Series 40 profile frame with pneumatic web tension control.

Transverse welding station main unit: The main machine with the additional units for transverse welding and other sensitive work steps still needed to be supported by a steel frame for vibration-damping purposes. The machine housing is made of Series 25, 50 and 60 profiles and mk guarding components to ensure occupational safety.

Cutting unit and transportation module: The guillotine cutting system separates the delivery note pockets. The system releases the finished pockets onto the height-adjustable and pneumatically extendible and retractable mk belt conveyor.

Benefits for customers

  • Maximum flexibility and stability thanks to the aluminium profile technology
  • Ideal combination of an attractive design with functionality, and precision with speed
  • Sturdy, reliable technology optimised to last for many years of operation



Aluminium profile series 40
Aluminium profile series 50
Aluminium profile series 60
GUF-P 2041 Belt Conveyor
Linear Technology


  • Folienmaschine für Lieferscheintaschen

  • Papier- und Folien-Abwicklung

  • Folienspeicher

  • Glühband und -Schweißstation

  • Querschweiß- und Schneideinrichtung

  • Schneideinrichtung und Ablage