Reliable Interlink and Lifts for Loads of up to 100 kg per Pallet

Problem definition
Multiple machining stations needed to be interlinked for the production of electric motors for an electric sport utility vehicle. The stations needed to be interlinked across multiple levels. Lifts for lifting, lowering and turning are used to transport the pallets to the various levels and align them. The electric motors are suspended from the pallets and extend about 900 mm downwards. The total load per pallet is about 100 kg per pallet over an area of 50 x 50 mm. The entire interlink including the lifts must meet the production equipment regulations of the automotive manufacturer. 

mk Solution
Interlink consisting of SRF-P 2010 accumulating roller chain conveyors and ZRF-P 2010 timing belt conveyors. The accumulating roller chain conveyors are equipped with automatic tensioning devices and prepared for use with a customer-provided central lubrication station. The conveyors' downward-offset AQ drives provide adequate space for the workpieces below the conveying path. The lifts are constructed from LZR 2005 motorised linear modules with timing belts. A counterweight allows more affordable and energy-efficient motors to be used for the lifts. Pneumatic rod locks secure the lift and prevent it from falling in case of a malfunction. The timing belts for lifting and lowering are monitored and have redundant safety features. Servo drives ensure fast and precise movements. A ZRF-P 2010 timing belt conveyor is integrated into the lifts and acts as a separator. The lifts also have turning modules that allow the entire conveyor to rotate by 90° within the lift.

Benefit to the customer

  • Complete interlink according to automotive production equipment regulations
  • Reliable conveyor technology with safety features for lifting/lowering
  • Standard components are used to achieve an excellent price/performance ratio


Accumulating roller chain conveyor SRF-P 2010
> Timing belt conveyor ZRF-P 2025
> Linear module LZR 2005

  • Sichere Verkettung und Lifte für Lasten von rund 100 kg pro Werkstückträger

  • Verkettung aus Staurollenkettenförderern SRF-P 2010 und Zahnriemenförderern ZRF-P 2010

  • Lifte sind aus angetriebenen Linearmodulen LZR 2005 mit Zahnriemen