Interlinking and storage for blow-moulded parts

Problem definition
In an application for producing plastic fuel tanks, the blow-moulded tanks need to be fed into a multi-level storage system, where they are allowed to cool. The cycle must take a certain amount of time so that the tanks have sufficient time to cool. The tanks also need to be conveyed out of the storage system and rotated so that they can be automatically removed in a separate machine. All of the system’s hazard areas need to be secured with appropriate guarding while still allowing for manual feeding of products. The system must be able to transport different tank varieties with different geometries. The storage area must be able to hold at least 25 tanks. The cycle time is about 60 seconds. A clearance height of 4000 mm must be maintained below the storage system.

mk Solution
Storage gantries consisting of three GUF-P 2004 belt conveyors arranged atop one another, each 9000 mm in length. The belt conveyors can run in reverse to eliminate empty space. They run in cycling operation with soft starting and stopping. A feed lift and a discharge lift are installed on the two sides of the storage system. They are built from LZR 2005 double linear modules with a stroke of 5750 mm. They are driven by servomotors with a solenoid latch. A ZRF-P 2000 timing belt conveyor integrated in the feed lift conveys the tanks into the storage system. A time stamp with a shift register is used to verify that the tanks spent the prescribed amount of time in storage. The storage system and the lifts are installed in a steel frame. The lifts allow the storage system to be designed as a gantry, which maintains the required 4000 mm clearance height. A belt conveyor with transfer segments is used to discharge the products onto the discharge belt. A GUF-P 2000 belt conveyor on a rotating mount allows the tanks to rotate by 90° and then continue on. The entire system, with the exception of the input and output points, is protected by guarding.

Benefit to the customer

  • Design according to customer requirements
  • Frame also available in mk modular design
  • Storage without empty space
  • Adjusted to spatial constraints
  • Includes electrical controller, fully installed and wired for turnkey connection



> Belt conveyor GUF-P 2000
> Belt conveyor GUF-P 2004
> Timing belt conveyor ZRF-P 2040
> Linear module LZR 2005
> Guarding equipment
> Aluminum profile series 40

  • Drei übereinander angeordneten Gurtförderer GUF-P 2004 von 9000 mm Länge

  • Zuführ- und ein Abfuhrlift aus Doppel-Linarmodulen LZR 2005 mit Hub von 5750 mm

  • Gurtförderer GUF-P 2000 mit Querabschieber dient als Ausschleusung auf das Abfuhrband