Solutions for Electrical and Medical Technology

Technical Perfection

Electrical and medical technology is one of the most innovative sectors of the German economy. The degree of automation in this sector and the transparency of processes have a direct effect on production times and costs.

Automation not only saves valuable resources but also helps prevent sources of error. This is a key factor in the medical technology industry, which is subject to international standards and regulations unlike any other.

For applications in electrical and medical technology, this means:

  • Automation solutions for microelectronics, laboratory equipment and electrical appliances
  • High cleanliness standards and reliable protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Consistently precise handling of ultra-sensitive products

Solutions from mk

For manufacturers of medical technology, it is essential that devices and systems function safely and reliably and that product quality is verified using safety and property testing. Modular system solutions from mk meet all of the industry’s requirements, from precise conveying and positioning with ESD-compliant technology, to cleanroom rack systems for storage, all the way to integration of test benches (dielectric strength, flash test). They provide flexible and targeted support for all aspects of the customer’s application.

We would be happy to provide information about our references for the manufacture of syringes, tweezers, filament bulbs, LEDs, insulators, endoscopes, microscrews, bandages, dishwashers, Styrofoam bowls and much more.

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Problem definition
A hood for extracting dust particles is required for the production of laboratory equipment. The contour as well as the inputs and outputs are specified by the customer. The hood must be equipped with a suction nozzle for an extraction system provided by the customer. It must also…

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