Solutions for Machine and Systems Construction

High-Quality Transport Systems Starting at Batch Size 1

mk supports innovations in the machine and system construction sector, from the prototype all the way to standardised production. Our experts develop and produce custom-tailored solutions for all sorts of production and supply chain applications – wherever transfer technology needs to be perfectly integrated into your systems.

For applications in machine and system construction, this means:

  • Innovative transport systems for custom machine construction starting at batch size 1
  • Wide range of flexible modules
  • Custom-development of modules according to customer requests
  • Sophisticated machine interlinks
  • Seamless transfer technology and system integration

Solutions from mk

For machine and system construction applications, mk offers a powerful modular construction kit that our partners can use to independently construct complex systems and custom machines. The key to our success lies in our sophisticated and versatile profile technology and our high-quality base components that can be used throughout the industry.

Our many years of experience allow us to develop and construct custom solutions that can be optimally integrated into existing systems and that work perfectly with controllers (PLCs, robots) and modern testing technology (digital image processing), .e.g. for leak detection and reliable quality assurance using transparent belt conveyors.

Mobile test bench with storage system in a maritime container 01

Problem definition
For a testing process, an entire system needs to be integrated into a maritime container so that the system can be used worldwide. Space is therefore extremely limited. A worker sorts the products to be tested into containers. The containers need to be conveyed into the system,…

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Mobile test bench with storage system in a maritime container 06

Problem definition
In a testing process, containers need to be fed into a storage system and then discharged. After they are fed into the system, the containers need to be shaken and then positioned so that a robot can remove a sample. A worker fills the containers with products to be tested and…

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Mobile test bench with storage system in a maritime container 05

Problem definition
To feed and discharge containers from a multi-level storage system, the containers need to be raised to the various storage levels and then lowered again by a parallel storage line. The available space is very limited. The machine should be as reliable and require as little…

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Customized palet in corrosion-resistant design for a cleaning plant

Today, interlinking of machines with robotic automation is used to a significant extent for large-scale production. In addition to the optimal use of machine capacity, processing with maximum possible variants is also gaining more and more importance. Erhardt+Abt Automatisierungstechnik GmbH has…

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Profile rack for water treatment system 01

Problem definition
Flexible lightweight frame for a salt-water treatment system that is characterized by a long service life. The system is completely assembled in Germany and subsequently dismantled, in order to then be ultimately commissioned at the implementation site. Consequently fast…

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