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Compact Belt Conveyors for Increased Flexibility

Deep drawing, sealing, stamping, cutting, and ejecting... The demands placed on modern packaging machines just keep growing. For over 30 years, ZAHORANSKY AG has been building high-performance systems for packaging a wide range of different products. For its Z.PACK system, it uses the GUF-P 2045 compact belt conveyor from mk.


Flexible and Modular

The modular Z.PACK systems from ZAHORANSKY for producing blister packaging enjoy recognition worldwide. Christoph Steiert, design group manager for blister packaging systems at ZAHORANSKY, knows that the systems need not only work cost-efficiently and reliably:

“Most importantly, our customers need to be able to respond flexibly to the market. So our systems are designed with modularity in mind, to let them be retrofitted and upgraded as necessary." At the same time, they need to be adaptable to the spaces available, so they have to be extremely compact.

No easy task

Finding the right components for such systems is not so easy: "For our Z.PACK system, we needed a belt conveyor that was as easy as possible to integrate," said Steiert. The conveyor needed to transport finished blisters from the system, while another at a different location needed to eject scrap strips from the system. They also could not have a protruding motor and needed to be low in height, amongst other constraints.

Finally, the conveyor had to be just as flexible as the entire system: "For some of our customers, we use different belts – with studs or without, for example.... Some of our customers operate the systems 24 hours a day. The conveyor we needed had to satisfy all of these requirements.


Christoph Steiert, Zahoransky AG
For our Z.PACK system, we needed a belt conveyor that was as easy as possible to integrate.

Finding the Right Supplier

And it wasn’t just the requirements on the product that were demanding: “We also value smooth order processing and a partner who is dependable and reliable. That's what lets us guarantee that our customers always receive reliable products." Since ZAHORANSKY AG had already had good experiences with the conveyor technology manufacturer mk Technology Group, Christoph Steiert contacted his customer service representative.


Compact. Lightweight. Affordable.

He was indeed able to recommend the right component for the job: The extremely compact belt conveyor GUF-P 2045 was specially designed for integration into systems with limited installation space. “The GUF-P 2045 belt conveyor is ideal for our purposes”, said Christoph Steiert. The drive roller, 50 mm in diameter, in combination with the weight-optimised conveyor frame profile, 45 mm high, makes for an ultra-flat conveyor with no obstructing edges.

“The GUF-P 2045 belt conveyor fits perfectly into our system. That made the decision to use it an easy one." The conveyor speed of the GUF-P 2045 is very easy to set and change. "That suits us very well, since we want to keep our systems as flexible as possible."

More systems planned

First the GUF-P 2045 belt conveyor was integrated into the Z.PACK 8 packaging system. “The belt conveyor met all of our expectations. The first system of this design has already been delivered to our customer," said Christoph Steiert. In the future, more systems in the Z.PACK series are to be equipped with the GUF-P 2045 belt conveyor. “I’m really glad that we found this simple solution for our systems. I would recommend the product and cooperating with the mk Technology Group to anyone.”


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