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Versamove Transfer System Boasts New Compact Curve

mk is expanding its modular pallet transfer system Versamove standard by a more

TKU 2040 – Indexing Chain Conveyor System

The TKU 2040 is a fixtured indexing timing belt conveyor for cost-efficient, more

Conveying. Supplying. Interlinking.

From 8 to 10 November 2017, mk will be at FMB 2017, the supplier trade fair for more

Transfer System and Handling System References

Tray palletizer with buffer system

Automated tray palletizer with buffer system
Robot for filling the trays
Precise interaction between palletizer and
buffer system through sensor scans

mk Lift System

Lift equipment with feed-in system as part of the buffer module
Lifting/rotary unit with timing belt conveyor
Strong base frame made of Profile Series 50

Pivoting conveyor system with integrated gripper

Complete system with pivoted conveyor based on the standard mk GUF-P 2004
The partturn actuator is powered by a coupled Omega drive that is configured for 5,000 Nm
Optimally adapted parallel gripper with 2.5 m gripper fingers for product transfer

TÜV test rig for baby strollers

Simulation of different ground conditions with standardized obstacles for testing baby strollers
Damped, fastened belt conveyor GUF-P 2004
GUF-P 2041 and KTF-P 2010 with replaceable obstructions

Automated feed and removal transport for filling cardboard boxes

Supply and removal transport via belt conveyor, timing belt, and gravity roller conveyors
Transport and filling of cartons, weight measurement via integrated scale
Accumulating run with separating function and cyclic operation

Tray transfer and handling system for IKLT

Tray transfer and handling system - both modules combined
3-dimensional gantry with driven linear modules
Stopper and separator at feed via belt conveyor

Automated plant line “Rhizotron Screening”

Automated plant line for rhizotron screening
Series 40 profile frame with pivot drive via spindle lift gear units and coupling rods
LZR serves as the base axis for the camera housing, for removal of the rhizotrons

Recirculating pallet system with return in the lower run

Recirculating pallet system with semi-automatic tensioning station
Return of the workpiece carriers in the lower run
Implemented on the basis of a flat top chain conveyor with accumulation capacity

Bar supply via pneumatic gripper

Bar inserter with alignment unit, separator rotor and adjustable side guide
2-finger radial gripper with pivot module
Provision via roller conveyor and feed via timing belt

Supply and removal transport for a production plant

Supply and removal transport for production plant, consisting of belt conveyor - roller conveyor combination
Products conveyed in turning baffle plate and then further transported turned 90°
Accumulation run with separation function on two parallel gravity roller conveyors

Linking of production cells in automotive sector

Manual loading of pallets, unloading by customer-supplied handling module and robot
Lower return level with lift and shuttle
Confusion-proof parts receiving for left-hand and right-hand sided products

Lift and storage system with load handling robots

Handling of parts via robots at a machine tool
Lift and storage system for pallets with two chain conveyors running in opposite directions and pallet slots
Manual loading and unloading of the storage system by a worker

Modular transfer system with lift and transverse conveyor for transfer and discharge

Pallet circulation with parallel transfer
Station for 4 removal slots on a pallet with damped pre-stopper
Storage line with damped stoppers

Modul-Con circulation system

Modul-Con circulation system with rotary bearings
Rolling 180° tail with automatic tensioning station
Alignment station for loading and unloading the part slots

Feeder and storage conveyor based on the GUF-P 2041 belt conveyor

Lift with conveyors as independent unit on casters with safety device
A cross-pusher is used to push the tanks from the transfer conveyor onto the storage conveyor
Removal space; the pre-clocked tanks are manually removed from the roller conveyor

Linking of double pallet recirculating system

Flat top belt conveyor with accumulation capacity arranged in parallel to the parts supply
Return of the part slots in the lower run
Indexing station for precise positioning of pallets

Linking of mk WTU 2010 transfer system

Pallet discharge from main line into two parallel transverse conveyor lines
Customer-specific pallet, corrosion-resistant version for a cleaning system
Fail-safe lift and turning station linking production cells in the automotive sector
feedback configurator