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Transfer systems available as CAD model

mk has extended its CAD online database to its transfer systems Versamove and more

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How Packaging Machines Can Be Flexibly Adapted to Meet the Most Diverse more

Curved modular belt conveyor KMF-P 2040 - Efficiently handle any route

mk rounds off its portfolio of modular belt conveyors with the addition of more

Application Profiles

Our application profiles include:

  • Profiles for belt bodies and belt conveyors
  • Profiles for timing belt conveyors, chain conveyors and flat top chain conveyors
  • Profiles for roller conveyors
  • Profiles for side rails
  • Linear motion profiles, e.g. clamp profiles for guide rods
  • Profiles for slide elements
  • Door case profiles for integrating wicket doors
  • Profiles for accommodating paneling, such as polycarbonate or acrylic panes
  • Profiles for platforms, landings, and steps with non-slip structure
  • Profiles for further processing, e.g. for angles, hinges or corner connectors
  • Connection profiles for producing foamed combination profiles

By combining series 40, 50 or 60 profiles with our connection profiles, a cavity is produced, which through filling with foam, connects the cross sections together so that they are inseparable. With this combination we produce individual cross sections up to 420 x 240 mm and spans of up to 12 m. In addition to the connection task the foam also has a vibration-absorbing characteristic. Foamed profiles are used for long, solid linear axes or for girders, columns and portals.

Profile Cross Sections with CAD Data Application Profiles

Click the image caption for CAD data of the article via our PartCommunity portal.

Profiles Conveyor Technology

Profiles for belt bodies and belt conveyors

CAD data mk 2075 for GUF-P MINI
CAD data mk 2100 for GUF-P MINI
CAD data mk 2150 for GUF-P MINI
CAD data mk 2026 for GUF-P 2000
CAD data mk 2027 for GUF-P 2000
CAD data mk 2028 for GUF-P 2000
mk 2251 for GUF-P 2041

Profiles for timing belt conveyors, chain conveyors and flat top chain conveyors

CAD data mk 2010
CAD data mk 2012
CAD data mk 2060
CAD data mk 2061
mk 2254

Profiles for Roller Conveyors

CAD data mk 2065
CAD data mk 2066
CAD data mk 2086
mk 2255

Profiles for side rails

CAD data mk 2080
CAD data mk 2238
CAD data mk 2239


Linear motion profiles

CAD data mk 2038.46
CAD data mk 2038.50
CAD data mk 2038.51
CAD data mk 2038.55
CAD data mk 2038.56
CAD data mk 2038.60
CAD data mk 2038.61
CAD data mk 2038.65
CAD data mk 2038.75
CAD data mk 2038.77
CAD data mk 2038.44
CAD data mk 2038.41
CAD data mk 2038.36
CAD data mk 2038.07
CAD data mk 2038.12
CAD data mk 2038.13
CAD data mk 2038.20
CAD data mk 2038.30
CAD data mk 2038.31
CAD data mk 2038.32
CAD data mk 2038.33


Profiles for slide elements

CAD data mk 2240
CAD data mk 2241


Edge profiles for paneling

CAD data mk 2203
CAD data mk 2206
CAD data mk 2207
CAD data mk 2210
CAD data mk 2211
CAD data mk 2214
CAD data mk 2215


Door case profiles for wicket doors

CAD data mk 2040.25


Profiles for platforms and steps

CAD data mk 2040.68
CAD data mk 2040.69


Profiles to construct foamed profiles

mk 2040.72
Funktionsprofil mk 2040.72
mk 2040.90
Funktionsprofil mk 2040.90
mk 2060.41
Funktionsprofil mk 2060.41
mk 2067
Funktionsprofil mk 2067


Profiles for wireways

mk 2040.50
CAD data mk 2040.51


Profiles for rework


mk 2025.47
Scharnier mk 2025.47
mk 2025.82
Scharnier mk 2025.82
mk 2029
Scharnier mk 2029
mk 2040.99
Scharnier mk 2040.99
mk 2040.61
Scharnier mk 2040.61
mk 2043
Scharnier mk 2043
mk 2060.82
Scharnier mk 2060.82


mk 2052
Winkel mk 2052
mk 2097
Winkel mk 2097
mk 2089
Winkel mk 2089
mk 2088
Winkel mk 2088
mk 2085
Winkel mk 2085
mk 2081
Winkel mk 2081
mk 2060.73
Winkel mk 2060.73
mk 2060.72
Winkel mk 2060.72
mk 2060.71
Winkel mk 2060.71
mk 2054
Winkel mk 2054
mk 2053
Winkel mk 2053
mk 2098
Winkel mk 2098

Other profiles for further processing

mk 2038
mk 2095
mk 2096
mk 2228
mk 2246
mk 2248
mk 2250
mk 2252
mk 2270
mk 2271
mk 2084
mk 2070
mk 2064
mk 2040.36
mk 2040.62
mk 2040.63
mk 2040.64
mk 2040.70
mk 2040.87
mk 2060.81
mk 2062
mk 2063

Application Examples, Application Profiles

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