KFG-P 2000 ECO Incline Conveyor

Incline belt conveyor in standard variants for mobile use and for vertical transport of small product.

  • Mobile
  • Flexible
  • Compact

Technical specifications

Type of goods Bulk product, loose piece goods, boxes (up to 55 mm high and 300 mm long, weight up to 5 kg/compartment)
Type of ways Inclines 30°, 45° und 60°
Length 2400/2900 mm (L1 = 600 mm, L2 = 1300/1800 mm, L3 = 500 mm)
Width 400, 500, 600 (usable width B-160 mm)
Speed 2,8; 5,4;10,9;14,9 m/min, others on request or with reglomat
Maximum load bis 40 kg (depending on angle and speed)
Drive arrangementDischarge end left/right above, motor orientation 270°, extra charge 0°
Stollen and corrugated edgeHight cleats MT30 and side wall 30 mm, Urethan, green
at L2=1300: 16 cleats with distance of 303 mm
at L2=1800: 19 cleats with distance of 308 mm
Belt body profilemk 2000

Features of the KFG-P 2000 ECO

  • Vertical transport for connecting different heights
  • Movable transport unit for mobile use
  • Ideal for integration into existing systems
  • Fast delivery times for high availability
  • High material quality at an affordable price
  • Can be configured quickly and easily
  • Compliant with the applicable Machinery Directive and occupational safety regulations – additional protective device guard not required
  • Belts can be replaced with little work
  • Optional cycling operation and control with a frequency inverter
  • Optional motor overload switch

Product Description

The KGF-P 2000 ECO is a variant of the KGF-P 2000. ECO stands for economical, meaning an optimised cost/benefit ratio, which is reflected in the conveyor’s affordable price. Limiting the conveyor to 18 variants ensures fast delivery and high availability.

The KFG-P 2000 conveyor system is used to transport all types of small product vertically, and its compact conveyor frame makes it suitable for demanding continuous duty in multi-shift operation. The incline conveyor’s technology is based on that of the GUF-P 2000, which has been manufactured by the thousands and is therefore well tested and reliable.

The conveyor system’s modular design combined with the general advantages of profile technology make the conveyor excellently suited for integration into existing systems, e.g. injection moulding machines. Its mobility means it can be used as a versatile transport unit for filling containers or pallet cages. The ECO incline conveyor is compliant with the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) and can be delivered with various pre-set speeds. Optional accessories include a motor overload switch and a frequency inverter for control/cycling operation. A side wall serves as the boundary, and transverse cleats serve to carry the product.

As with all mk belt conveyor systems, the round driving rolls allow for easy belt adjustment. The stainless steel sheet installed below where the belt runs also ensures long-term wear resistance of the belt.

Incline Variants



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