GUF-P 2045 Compact Belt Conveyor

Compact and lightweight belt conveyor with a drum motor for optimal integration in systems with limited installation space.

  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Affordable

Technical specifications

Type of goods Bulk product, loose piece goods, boxes
Type of ways Straight & incline up to 20°
Length individual 600-2500 mm
Width 275, 300, 350, 400 and 500 mm
Speed 18 Steps up to 25,4 m/min
Maximum load up to 15 kg
Cyclic operationmax. 900 cycles/h
Drive versionsCA (drum motor)
Tailsø 50 mm
Conveyor frame profilesmk 2045.41

Features of the GUF-P 2045

  • Simple and affordable solution for the packaging and plastics industries
  • Drum motor for an extremely flat conveyor frame without obstructing edges
  • For optimal integration in systems with limited installation space
  • Control board for speed configuration
  • Flexible operation in reverse, accumulation and cyclic modes

Product Description

The extremely compact GUF-P 2045 belt conveyor is ideally suited for integration into systems with limited installation space. The ø 50 mm drive roller combined with the weight-optimised, 45 mm tall conveyor frame profile produces a conveyor that is extremely flat and without any obstructing edges. The permitted total load of 15 kg is suitable for the majority of products typically found in the packaging and plastics industries. The speed is configured using the associated control board, which is designed for connection to an on-site voltage supply (DC 24 V).

For different belts are available, with each offering either accumulation of the products or high grip. The GUF-P 2045 can also be used for reverse operation. Stands, side rails, reglomats and transverse cleats are also available as accessories. The drive roller, the slide bed and the idler roller are also available in an optional stainless steel design.

Drives and Tails



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