Accumulating single-line conveyor system

Accumulating single-line workpiece carrier circulation system SPU 2040

The accumulating single-line conveyor system is ideal for supplying or discharging processing cells or for linking machines. Thanks to its compact design, this system is also ideal as an assembly line. The workpieces on the workpiece carriers are fed to the upper transport level by means of a flat top chain. After the workpiece has been removed, the empty workpiece carriers are picked up in the tail and then conveyed back below the transport level. This means they are available again at the start of the production line to be loaded with new workpieces. Additional conveyor levels or lifting/lowering devices with complex control elements are not required. It also eliminates the need to load the workpiece carriers on the circulation system, whether manually or automatically. The system can stow, stop and separate the workpiece carriers and thus compensate for different processing times, for example.

Price on inquiry

Dimensions LxWxH: 5000x830x1330 mm
Workpiece carrier: 160x150 mm (without body)
Total load: 6kg/workpiece carrier (incl. components and workpiece)
Cycle time: Approx. 10 s
Electrical voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz; 24 VDC; degree of protection IP 54
Compressed air supply: 6 bar
System environment: Dry (air humidity < 60%), not abrasive
Temperature range: +5° C to +40° C
including sensors, mounted on brackets and tested
without electrical installation / control
without pneumatic installation
with one-sided protective housing

1 accumulating flat top chain conveyor
Conveyor length: 4000 mm
Conveyor width: 160 mm (outer dimension or workpiece carrier)
Total width: 500 mm
Flat top width: 114.3 mm
Conveyor height: 956.5 mm (upper edge of workpiece carrier without body)
Drive location: AC head drive left
Motor orientation: 0°
Drive: 0.37 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Make: SEW asynchronous gearmotor
Total load: 60 Kg
Power transmission: Chain drive
Speed: 8 m/min at 50 Hz
Flat top chain: S 810 TAB-K450, tensioning device integrated in the tail

10 workpiece carriers ground plate
The workpiece carrier returns to the lower run of the conveyor

2 separation units
Pneumatically operated
Undamped stoppers from Asutec
Separation in upper and lower run

2 stopper
Pneumatically operated
Undamped stoppers from Asutec

1 indexing unit

mk profile system consisting of a stand with a levelling foot and retaining angle for floor fastening
Adjustments made using the spindle in the levelling foot +/- 20 mm


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