Compact workpiece carrier circulation system

Versaflex compact workpiece carrier circulation system with plastic chain

This compact circulation system is used to feed workpieces on pallets to a robot in a protected area. On one of the two straight sections, the pallets are stowed and separated. They are loaded by a worker at the curve at a manual workstation. On the opposite straight section, the pallets are also stowed, separated and fed to the robot station, where they are stopped and centred. The workpiece is removed and processed. The empty pallet is refilled with a processed workpiece at the next centring station and transported to a second operator to remove the workpiece. The empty pallet is then returned to the first operator for reloading.

Price on inquiry

Dimensions: LxWxH 2500 x 503 x 1000 mm
Pallet: 150 x 150 mm
Total load: 10 kg
Electrical voltage: 230/400 V, 50 Hz; 24 VDC; degree of protection IP 54
System environment: Dry (air humidity < 60%), not abrasive
Temperature range: +5° C to + 40° C
Including sensor system, mounted on holders and tested
No electrical installation/controller
No pneumatic installation
No protective device guard

Versaflex A08 pallet circulation system with plastic chain
Conveyor length: Approx. 2500 mm
Conveyor width: 503 mm
Pallet width: 150 mm
Conveyor height: 1,000 mm
Drive version: Final drive unit, discharge end on the right
Motor orientation: 0°
Output:  Approx. 0.37 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Make: SEW asynchronous gearmotor
Conveyor speed: 10 m/min constant at 50 Hz
Total load: 10 kg
Conveyor chain: Plastic chain A08C, material: POM
Width of conveyor chain: 83 mm
Chain guide: Integrated wear strip made of polyethylene

10 pallets A08
Plastic base plate, material: PA6
Size: 150 x 150 x 27 mm
Design: With 2 centring bushes and 4 countersunk screws for position recognition, without workpiece fixture               

5 stoppers A08
Single acting
In the depressurised state, the stopper is moved into the blocking position by a spring
No valve, hosing

2 fixing stations
No stopper
Including sensor bracket
No pre-stopper
No sensor system
No valves and hosing

Stand system
Made using mk profile system with base plate for floor fastening.
Conveyor level adjustment +/- 50 mm.

Sensor system mounted on holders and electrically tested
3 ind. detectors
2 ind. detectors in the fixing station
3 photoelectric sensors
9 proximity switches


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