Container replacement system

Box or tray replacement system with lifting unit

This container replacement system with lifting units can be used to feed or discharge processing cells. The products, for example boxes, can be input on the upper or lower conveyor level. They are then fed to the processing step, transported back to the other level with the lifting unit and discharged. The system can stow, stop or separate the boxes. For example, if you use boxes with workpiece holders included, the products can also be processed by robots at the processing station. The system is also suitable as a buffer for a processing machine: A worker can load the feeder and utilise the machine for a certain period of time. In the meantime, while the machine is working, the worker can carry out other activities.

Price on inquiry

Dimensions: LxWxH: 3350x1250x1365 mm
Workpiece carrier: 600x400 mm
Total load: 15kg/workpiece carrier (incl. components and workpiece)
Electrical voltage: 230/400 V, 50 Hz; 24 VDC; degree of protection IP 54
Compressed air supply: 6 bar
System environment: Dry (air humidity < 60%), not abrasive
Temperature range: +5° C to +40° C
including sensors, mounted on brackets and tested
without electrical installation / control
without pneumatic installation
without protective housing

2 belt conveyors GUF-P 2000 AF
Conveyor length: 2000 mm
Conveyor width: 500 mm
Belt width: 490 mm
Conveyor height: 500 mm / 930 mm
Drive location: AF head drive (right/left)
Drive tail: 01 (roller ø 53 mm)
Infeed tail: 01 (roller ø 53 mm)
Driving roll ø 53 mm, without adhesive closure
Motor orientation: 0°
Drive: 0.12 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Make: SEW asynchronous gearmotor
Total load: 50 kg
Power transmission: Direct
Speed: 6 m/min at 50 Hz
Conveyor belt: Stowable
Side rail: SF02, type 22, H = 50 mm, on both sides,

1 short-stroke lift KHL-2010
Pneumatically driven, for changing the box from the feed line to the discharge line.
Payload: Max. 40 kg
Stroke: 430 mm
Piston diameter: ø 80 mm
Assembly conveyor: Belt conveyor GUF-P 2000 AF
Conveyor length: 850 mm
Conveyor width: 420 mm
Track width: 410 mm
Drive: 0.12 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Make: SEW asynchronous gearmotor
Conveyor speed: 6 m/min at 50Hz
Conveyor belt: Stowable
Side rail: Special side rail that maintains the pressure of the positioning unit
Special equipment:

1 energy chain system for cable routing to the lifting system
2 x pneumatic locking in the transfer positions (top/bottom)
2 initiator requests for the lift position
1 photoelectric sensor with reflector without cable as occupied signal and free space monitor

1 positioning unit in special design
Pneumatic drives push the box against the opposite side rail to position it for loading or unloading
Driven by cylinder (Festo) with guide rods and centring moulding.
Stroke: 25 mm
Repeat accuracy: +/- 0.4 mm

1 stop/separation unit
At feed and discharge belts, pneumatically driven by cylinders from Festo.
The stop process is performed from the side
Stroke: 30mm

Stand system
Made using mk profile system with levelling feet and retaining angles for floor fastening.
Set the conveyor level using the spindles in the levelling foot (+/- 20 mm).


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