Rollers for Roller Conveyors

You can choose the optimal roller and drive concept for your particular application. Whether driven by gravity, a tangential chain, a drive roller or a friction drive, all systems are available in straight lines and curves.

Gravity Rollers for the RBS Roller Conveyor System
Gravity rollers are non-driven support rollers. They are often used for semi-automatic interlinking at picking stations or kanban shelves. You can select rollers between ø 20 and 50 mm depending on your total load and the required spacing. The RBS-P 2065 is the correct choice if you do not require the profile frame to act as a side rail – as is the case with the RBS-P 2066 – or if the product is wider than the roller conveyor. A slope of 1 to 2° is usually sufficient for transporting products with gravitational force. Please note that high speeds can be reached with long lines and/or steeper slopes. This kinetic energy will require dampened deceleration.

Tangential Chain Driven Rollers for the RBT Roller Conveyor System
Rollers driven by a tangential chain are used wherever long conveying paths with a motorised drive mechanism are required. The conveyor is driven by a ½" chain, which runs within an enclosed, low-wear wear strip to tangentially drive the conveyor rollers from below via a sprocket wheel. It can be used to drive conveying paths up to 10 m long. The chain tail is equipped with idler pulleys supported by ball bearings for minimal friction losses.

Drive Rollers for the RBM Roller Conveyor System
The rollers of the RBM-P 2255 roller conveyor are driven by a drive roller by using a V-ribbed belt for straights or a round belt for curves. They are notable for their few obstructing edges and easy-to-clean design, making them well suited for clean environments and increased sanitary requirements. They are also available in an IP66 version on request, or with an electronic holding brake for inclines and declines.

Rollers with a friction drive are available for dynamic buffering tracks. These rollers reduce back pressure, and the roller remains stationary under the product without any relative motion (bi-directional friction preferred if the load distribution is uncertain). Adjustable friction rollers are particularly useful for lightweight products. Gripping of the product can be increased up to the adhesion limit between the product and the roller. This is used, for example, for high acceleration, for inclines or for positioning the product.

Roller Data Sheets


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