MBF-P 2040.86 Modular Belt Conveyor

Durable modular belt conveyor with hinged plate belt with steel chain for transporting hot products or products with sharp edges.

  • Sturdy
  • Compact
  • Flexible

Technical specifications

Type of goods Loose piece goods, boxes
Type of ways Straight
Length individual up to 10.000 mm
Width 210-710 mm (in 50 mm steps)
Speed up to 12 m/min
Maximum load up to 150 kg
Drive versionsAC, AS
Belt body profilemk 2040.86

Features of the MBF-P 2040.86

  • Stable and heat-resistant surface 
  • For transporting stamped, cast, forged or wooden parts and for hot product
  • High load capacities available 
  • Stable belt travel without any lateral movement, regardless of length-width ratio 
  • Transverse cleats for transporting small pieces or bulk product

Product Description

The MBF-P 2040.86 is equipped with a robust steel belt and is therefore ideal for transporting hot products or products with sharp edges. Stable belt travel without any lateral movement is ensured regardless of the length-to-width ratio.

Thanks to its stable design, the conveyor is also suitable for demanding continuous duty in multi-shift operation. The robust hinged plate belt is also available in a stainless steel or perforated design on request.

With a gap of 1 to 3 mm between the side rail and the hinged plate belt that is guided by wear strips, the conveyor system is not suitable for pointed punching waste or metal chips.

The slots in the profiles allow for the easy connection of accessories such as a side rail, stand or electronics components.

Drive Variants



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