RBM-P 2255 Drive Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyor powered by a drive roller, available in straight lines and curves, for various speeds and with a start/stop function.

  • Driven
  • Flexible
  • Modular

Technical specifications

Type of goods Boxes, crates, pallets
Type of ways Straight lines & curves
Length 500-10000 mm
Width Straight: 480, 580, 680 mm; Curve: 491, 591, 691 mm
Speed up to 70 m/min (driver roller)
Maximum load up to 400 kg
Inner radius curve800 mm
Belt body profilemk 2255

Features of the RBM-P 2255

  • Powered by a drive roller
  • For transporting products of moderate weight
  • Equipped with a round belt for driving up to 9 additional rollers
  • Different speeds or start/stop functions possible in a single conveying path
  • Few obstructing edges and maximum band width
  • mk 2255 conveyor frame profile allows for combination with RBS and RBT roller conveyors
  • Side slots on the conveyor frame profile for attaching accessories such as side rails, stands, etc.

Product Description

The drive roller in the RBM-P 2255 drive roller conveyor allows you to drive up to nine additional rollers using the round belt. By segmenting the drive mechanisms in this way, this type of roller conveyor allows you to implement different speeds or start/stop functions within a single conveying path. This gives you the ability to separate, stop and buffer product, allowing you to achieve even complex material flows when combined with appropriate control technology. As control module controls the speed and direction of rotation.

The RBM-P 2255 roller conveyor is notable for its few obstructing edges and easy-to-clean design, making it well suited for clean environments and increased sanitary requirements. It is also available in an IP66 version on request, or with an electronic holding brake for inclines and declines.

The roller conveyor is available in both straight and curved configurations and can be combined with other roller conveyors (RBS and RBT).

The longitudinal slots in the profile beams can be used to attach side rails, stands, sensors and other accessories.

RBM-P 2255 Data Sheet



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