Components made with the 3D Printer

Small Series.

In addition to its standard portfolio, mk also manufactures customised components using the 3D printer. Using the FFF process, we print prototypes, small series or individual components.

We work with plastics such as PLA, PETG, ASA and many other materials, depending on the component and the required properties. The maximum possible component size is 240 mm x 200 m x 200 mm (WxDxH).

Possible areas of application include covers, workpiece holders, gripper jaws, vacuum grippers, safety guards, sliding pieces, tool holders, mounting supports or branding (marketing).

End caps

Individual end caps can be manufactured using 3D printing for almost all mk profiles. It is also possible to manufacture versions with partial or full slots, for the subsequent attachment of connecting parts, for example. End caps are also available in different colours or with a customer logo. Material: PETG plastic

Information required for the enquiry/order

1. Select profile and specify part number and description
2. Tell us if you require any open slots (A, B, ..., see drawings for examples)
3. Choose a colour from our standard range (black, white, aluminium grey, red, neon green, neon yellow)
4. If you would like an embossed design, e.g. your company logo, simply send us your logo.

Other shapes are possible on request.

Cable clips

Cable clips can be printed in various designs for profile series 25, 40 and 50. The clips allow easy fastening of a wide variety of cable cross-sections and individual or multiple cables to the T-slot of the profiles. Material: PETG plastic

A1 cable clips are pushed into the T-slot together with the cable. The clip can then be released together with the cable.

B2 cable clips are simply pushed into the T-slot. Up to two cables and/or tubes with a 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm cross section can be subsequently inserted into the clip. The cables/tubes can also be removed without releasing the clip.

C1 cable clips are inserted into the T-slot and fixed in place by rotating 90°. Individual cables or cable strands can be secured in the clip both lengthways and crossways to the profile using cable ties. In contrast to A1 and B2 clips, C1 clips can provide a certain degree of strain relief. 

Components tailored to customer requirements

Do you have an idea for a component that could be manufactured using the 3D printer? If so, speak to us and we will support you every step of the way — from testing and development right through to production of the finished component.

There are endless possibilities including tailor-made covers, workpiece holders, mounting supports, signs in signal colours, components bearing your customer’s logo and prototypes.

Even with small batch sizes where injection moulding is not cost-effective due to the high tool costs, 3D printing can be a viable alternative. Batch sizes from one to several hundred pieces can be manufactured.

Even if the project is beyond the limits of FFF due to overly complex component geometry, high technical load capacity or other reasons, we have reliable partners in the field of additive manufacturing who can offer alternative solutions. For example, parts can also be manufactured using PA12 or aluminium.

Please note: Components that are manufactured using the FFF process typically have a corrugated surface. The underside of the components, on the other hand, is smooth because they rest directly on the smooth pressure plate.


For custom requests, please contact our technical sales department at info(at)mk-group.com, by phone at +49 2284598-­0 or using the contact form below.

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