Additive Manufacturing - 3D Print Components

Individual components from single items to small series

In addition to a wide range of standard products from the modular profile system, mk also produces individual components by means of additive manufacturing using a 3D printer. Using fused filament fabrication, we create prototypes or small series based on your requirements.

Additive manufacturing opens up a variety of possibilities, especially for small batch sizes where traditional manufacturing methods such as injection moulding are not economical due to high tool costs. With 3D printing, we can produce batch sizes from one to several thousand units to suit your individual requirements.

3D-printed components can be used in a variety of ways, from made-to-measure covers for hazardous areas, sturdy workpiece fixtures or tailor-made conveyor technology components such as cams. We can also create visually appealing covers to replace angled sheets, individual components displaying your customer logo or cost-effective prototypes.

Do you have an idea for a component that could be manufactured using additive manufacturing? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We can help you come up with a concept, test it and create the finished component, turning your vision into a reality.

Adding value through additive manufacturing

  • Fast production and delivery times: Thanks to the efficient 3D printing process, we can manufacture and deliver your components quickly, saving you time and money.

  • Flexibility: Changes to existing products can be implemented immediately without complex tool adjustments. This allows for maximum adaptability and agility in the product development process.

  • Cost efficiency for small batch sizes: Especially when producing small quantities, additive manufacturing is an economical alternative that eliminates high tool costs.

  • Weight-optimised components: The option to integrate grid structures means that components can be made lighter without sacrificing stability.

  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the limited use of materials: Compared to traditional manufacturing methods such as milling, 3D printing significantly reduces material waste and energy consumption, thus contributing to sustainable production.

  • Complex geometries: Additive manufacturing can also be used to produce highly complex components with freely definable geometries, which opens up completely new design options.

Possible applications

End caps

In addition to the end caps included in the standard portfolio, we can create customised end caps using 3D printing.

This includes variants with partially or completely open slots, for the attachment of connection systems for example, or end caps in different colours with an optional customer logo.

Cable clips

Cable clips can be printed in various designs for profile series 40 and 50. The clips allow easy fastening of a wide variety of cable cross-sections and individual or multiple cables to the T-slot of the profiles.

A1 cable clips are pushed into the T-slot together with the cable. The clip can then be released together with the cable.

C1 cable clips are inserted into the T-slot and fixed in place by rotating 90°. Individual cables or cable strands can be secured in the clip both lengthways and crossways to the profile using cable ties. In contrast to A1 clips, C1 clips can provide a certain degree of strain relief.

D1 cable clips are pushed into the T-slot. Individual cables can then be pushed into the clip. It is possible to remove the cable without removing the clip. If necessary, the cable can be additionally secured with a cable tie. The clip can be removed from the T-slot by rotating it 90°.


Customer-specific cams can be created for a wide range of product requirements and can carry out transport tasks including product separation, product portioning or transporting loose goods. Cams are suitable for use in chain conveyors or timing belt conveyors.


Conveyor technology components

Our impressive range of conveyor technology components includes customised components such as covers, holders, protective guards, pushers, spare parts, prototypes and more. 3D printing is particularly advantageous as it allows us to reduce complexity and integrate functions. Different components can also be printed one after the other quickly, cost-effectively and without changing tools.


Please note, components manufactured using the FFF process typically have a ribbed surface.


For custom requests, please contact our technical sales department at info(at)mk-group.com, by phone at +49 2284598-­0 or using the contact form below.

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