Maschinengestelle aus Aluminiumprofil

Machine Frames

Frames for system construction applications

Machine frames serve to accommodate and position all the elements of a machine. Depending on the load effect and process accuracy, the frames need to be able to withstand static, dynamic and thermal loads. mk supplies profile frames made from aluminium profiles which are tailored specifically for your requirements, whether that be machines for conveying, packaging, forming, separating or joining.

With many years of experience in factory automation, the designers at mk understand your automation solutions and the need to be integrated into on-site conditions. Whether you require load-bearing machine frames for high loads, precisely designed test benches, flexible test set-ups or substructures for robot applications, any type of frame can be designed specifically for your task.

In addition to the conditions on site, static and dynamic usability is also factored in when designing a frame. The main focus is flexural and torsional rigidity, while taking into account the strength of materials and structural stability. If you have particular requirements, the FEM analyses can be used to precisely calculate the deformations and reactions to forces.

Benefits of mk machine frames

  • Sustainable: maximised service life thanks to easy reuse
  • No welding, abrasive grinding or painting necessary, unlike steel structures
  • Screw connections provide the flexibility to expand and make changes
  • Sturdy and diverse connection technology with standard screws and an extensive range of accessories
  • 1 mm edge radius for virtually gap-free connections between profiles to give a sleeker appearance
  • Well thought-out construction kit: many identical parts still allow for a wide range of variants
  • Broad range of profiles for an attractive design

The diverse base

The modular mk profile system means that the frames are compatible with all other products in the mk portfolio, such as conveyor technology and guarding devices. Profile series 40 is suitable for lightweight machine frames and guarding devices. Profile series 50 is designed for heavy-duty machine frames with high static loads. The stable profile series 60 is ideal for frames subject to the heaviest loads, multi-axis gantries and lifts. Using the preferred angle fastener with standard screw ensures the best way to connect the profile to existing aluminium profile frames.

To comply with the ESD standard, the frames can be designed to be antistatic or electrically conductive by using ESD T-nuts. To equalise the potential in the entire machine, the frames are connected to one another or earthed using earthing points.

Cleanroom profiles can be used to ensure that all frames and set-up elements are also suitable for use in cleanrooms. In addition to classic machine frames, mk also supplies attachments and load handling devices for automated guided vehicles (AGVs).


Applications Examples

Drehgestell 01

A mechanical engineer in the plastics industry has to change heavy grinding wheels. A mobile turning device is required to facilitate this arduous changing process. The turning device should be designed for a maximum rotating mass of 220 kg.

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Portalgestell 1

To create a beverage sorting system, a mechanical engineer needs several solid gantry frames on which X-Z-axis handling systems are mounted. By means of linear handling, full and empty beverage crates are to be sorted onto the respective lines of the system in a pick & place application.

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Retrofitting-Schnellhefter NACHHER

A manufacturer of office supplies is looking to retrofit its outdated production line for cardboard folders. It wants to completely overhaul the system – in terms of both technology and appearance.

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