References for Stairs, Access Points, Platforms and Work Platforms

Containerpodest 1

Several platforms with stairs are required at a logistics centre belonging to the German armed forces. The platforms are intended to ensure safe and easy access to overseas containers that are stacked on top of one another. They need to be used across the entire site and therefore need to be on…

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Schutzeinhausung Montagelinie 03

A fully automatic assembly line for suction pipe modules that is approximately 45-metres long needs to be equipped with guarding, including protective fences and machine housings. Passages and transitions for system maintenance also need to be created. Mounting occurs at several stations along a…

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Montagebühne 01

A European helicopter and aircraft component manufacturer requires various mobile assembly platforms and work platforms for the assembly of helicopters. These platforms have to be adapted to the height and contours of the helicopters and fitted with different levels and in some cases multiple…

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Brückenkonstruktion Reinraumprofil

In a production plant for pharmaceutical products a mobile bridge construction over a conveying path is required as part of the fire protection concept. The purpose of this bridge is to ensure that the nearest escape door can be reached and ensure compliance with the escape routes. The bridge…

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Logistikablauf für Konsumgüter 01

Problem definition
The customer sought to simulate the entire logistics process for consumer goods for use in a training centre. Using beverage crates as an example, the customer wanted to display all the various stations, from manufacture of the goods, to transport and storage, all the way to the…

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