Branche Batterieproduktion

Solutions for Battery Production and E-mobility

High Reliability and Cost Efficiency

Batteries and other electrical energy storage systems play a key role in the electromobility sector. They determine the reliability, power and price of a system to a large degree. For e-mobility to truly be successful, massive advances are required in the production of high-performance batteries.

The challenge: New automation technologies for minimising production costs must be carried over to large-scale series production – only then can cost efficiency be guaranteed. mk supports this process with powerful, precise and reliable solutions, ranging from extremely fast production of cells, to generation of modules in a controlled environment, all the way to integration of extremely heavy components into electrical vehicles. Typically mk: All production lines are perfectly interlinked.

For applications in battery production and e-mobility, this means:

  • Covering a wide range of different requirements: From cell production, to module generation, to integration, all production steps are covered
  • Precise and highly reliable operation under various environmental conditions (dry room, ESD, EMC, ATEX, etc.)
  • Compatibility of different production lines to interlink battery production and integration processes

Solutions from mk

Whether it’s mixing, coating, drying, separating, gripping or extracting vapours in the cell production area, or precisely positioning, insulating, packaging and loading the individual cells in the module generation area, mk’s modular systems provide outstanding precision without electrostatic discharge, even with high cycle times. They also safely integrate the finished batteries – with weights up to 300 kg/m and voltages up to 400 V – into the vehicle under the required environmental conditions.


From precise handling of lightweight products to transport of extremely heavy loads, mk ensures that different production lines are always compatible to allow for fully automated process interlinking. Our subsidiary mkf handles the assembly automation and testing technology tasks, as well as any cleanroom production steps.

We are a member of VDMA, Sector group EMINT.

Versaflex schneller Transport

Round battery cells are fed into the assembly process for the production of battery packs and must be transported position-oriented to another level. The goods to be transported should flow smoothly, i.e. should be transported without a pallet, with maximum throughput and high process reliability.

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Verkettung Lift 01

Problem definition
Multiple machining stations needed to be interlinked for the production of electric motors for an electric sport utility vehicle. The stations needed to be interlinked across multiple levels. Lifts for lifting, lowering and turning are used to transport the pallets to the various…

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Versamove Plus Werkstückträgerumlaufsystem

Problem definition
A horizontal pallet recirculation system was needed for the production of electric motors for an electric sport utility vehicle. Together the workpiece and pallet weigh about 100 kg per pallet, which means a total load of 160 kg per meter of conveying path. The system needs to be…

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Valibat Entwicklungsprojekt

Problem definition
A modular and flexible process and systems concept was required for a research project. Metal foils needed to be coated with electrode material for the production of lithium-ion batteries. Aluminium or copper is used as the substrate, depending on whether cathodes or anodes are…

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Problem definition
A process and a system for coating metal foils needed to be developed for a research and development project. The metal foils are used in the production of lithium-ion batteries. After coating, the foil must be dried before it can be calendered and rewound into a coil. The…

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