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CAD Data

Download CAD data
quickly and easily

Reduce your planning and design time with our free CAD data. Download the CAD data of our profile system and selected data from our conveyor and linear technology as well as our transfer systems.


Profile System

All products of the mk profile system can be downloaded free of charge in the CAD format of your choice at our PartCommunity portal at Cadenas.

CAD Data Profile System

Belt Conveyors

The CAD data in STEP format of individually configurable belt conveyors (GUF-P MINI, GUF-P 2000 and GUF-P 2041), if desired including an offer, are available in the QuickDesigner, our conveyor technology configurator.

CAD Data Belt Conveyors 


Create a protective housing quickly and easily with our guarding configurator and download the CAD data in STEP format including the parts list.

CAD Data Guarding

Further CAD Data

Below we provide you with further predefined CAD data in STEP format.

Belt Conveyors

GUF-P MINI   GUF-P 2000   GUF-P2041   GUF-P 2004   

KFG-P 2000   KFG-P 2000 ECO   KGF-P 2040


Modular Belt Conveyor

MBF-P 2040          



Timing Belt Conveyors

ZRF-P 2010   ZRF-P 2040



Chain Conveyors

KTF-P 2010    SRF-P 2010



Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors




Workpiece Carrier Circulation System Versamove

Versamove standard Width 240   Versamove standard Width 320   Versamove standard Width 400

Versamove plus Width 400   Versamove plus Width 600   Versamove plus Width 800

Flat Top Chain Conveyor System Versaflex

Versaflex A06   Versaflex A08



Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System SPU 2040

SPU 2040



Indexing Chain Conveyor System TKU 2040

TKU 2040



For custom requests and for CAD models with widths that deviate from the standard widths provided, please contact our technical sales department at cad(at) or using the contact form below.

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