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Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Precise Parts Handling in Accordance with Standards

The automotive industry is one of the most important industrial sectors worldwide. It is subject to strict, international standards and regulations like few other industries. At the same time, fully automated automotive production processes require absolute reliability and efficiency.

We at mk know the specific requirements of our customers. Our many years of experience allow us to provide the quality they need in terms of parts handling, interlinking and assembly – with exceptional reliability and exceptional affordability.

For applications in the automotive industry, this means:

  • Compliance with the strictest production equipment regulations and factory standards
  • Highest unmanned process reliability and low maintenance/downtime
  • Solutions for fully automated and robot-assisted production
  • Highest quality and repeatability
  • Extremely robust solutions, even under extreme environmental conditions

Solutions from mk

We draw on our talent for innovation and our many years of experience. We are a qualified partner for countless manufacturers in the automotive section, providing fully automated transport for a wide range of vehicle parts. Our industry know-how includes extensive knowledge of all applicable production equipment regulations as well as the range of possible additional options. We employ state-of-the-art technology. To meet the specific requirements of the automotive industry, we work with only high-quality motors and gearboxes from SEW EURODRIVE and Habasit conveyor belts.


mk’s references in the automotive industry include exhaust system handling, axles, aluminium rims, petrol pumps, brakes, convertible roofs, gearboxes, radiator grilles, crankshafts, bonnets, tyres, headlamps, shock absorbers, tanks and much more.

Zahnriemenförderer mit 3D-Druck-Haltern 01

A special machine manufacturer requires a system to feed car body parts to a robot cell. Different parts are to be conveyed, which the robot then removes and assembles. The parts are to be fixed in holders for transportation. Ideally, it should be possible to use a uniform holder for all parts.

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An assembly line for steering gears requires a partially automated material feed for manual workstations. The challenge – the material feed has to be integrated into an existing hall with very limited space. The workers use an existing pallet circulation system.

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Ab- und Umladestation für FTS

Feeding, storage and positioning system for the unloading and removal of large load carriers in a production plant for electric drives.

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Prüfanlage 01

An automation specialist is developing a fully automatic testing system for camshafts for a customer in the automotive industry. Since technical cleanliness must be ensured for the measurement and checking process, the system requires an enclosed housing.

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Transfersystem Hängebahn

Our partner Quickmove, a manufacturer of overhead conveyor systems, needs a transfer station from an overhead conveyor to a manual workstation and back for a customer in the automotive industry. In this case, the overhead conveyor transports small load carriers (SLC) with a size of 600x400 mm and a…

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Sortierstrecke 1

In an automotive factory, empty small load carriers are collected and cleaned at a central point, where they are then sorted according to size, type and design. A sorting line that can hold the large quantities of small load carriers and react to the different throughputs is now required.

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Transfersystem Versamove plus

Two test lines are required in the quality control department of an automotive supplier. The products should be checked just-in-sequence, i.e. in a fixed order.

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Gurtförderer Autositz-Montage

An automotive supplier is building a complete new production line for assembling seats and benches. Various production steps are required, such as feeding the upholstery and assembling the seat occupancy sensor and seat heating system.

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Maschinenschutzgitter Feldlösung 01

Protective machine guards are required for a fully automatic production line in the automotive industry. The plant is made up of several individual process sections, each of which is to be secured with its own protective fence.

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Bereitstellwagen Riesenrad 01

An automobile manufacturer wants to optimise the picking of orders in the manual spare parts warehouse. Therefore, a material trolley is required that is very compact and can hold up to 5 transport boxes.

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