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Chain Conveyors

Transport Heavy Loads, Even in Accumulated Operation

Chain conveyor systems are ideal for the cycled transport of workpieces or pallets. Available with different drive variants, they are often used to construct complex interlinking solutions.


They are typically used for transferring workpiece carriers with high loads and even speeds in a dual line or multiple line configuration.

Low-maintenance and low-noise timing belt conveyors are preferred for high speeds or positioning tasks.

Technical Data:

  • Widths: 200–2000 mm
  • Lengths: 500–10,000 mm
  • Total load: typically up to 1000 kg
  • Speed: up to 30 m/min
  • Options: single line or multiple line

*Other values available on request

Different chain types in combination with the sturdy, solid wear strips ensure reliable, long-term functioning that is optimally suited to your application.

mk Chain Conveyor Overview

Conveyor nameConveyor-
width [mm]
length [mm]
Total load
as stand.
up to [kg]
up to [m/min]
ø of tails
Chain conveyor KTF-P 2010200-2000500-1000050030ca. 90XXX
Accumulating chain conveyor SRF-P 2010200-2000500-1000050030ca. 90XXX
Accumulating chain conveyor SRF-P 2012200-20001000-10000100030ca. 90XXX

Features of mk Chain Conveyors

  • Basis for constructing transfer systems
  • Ideal as a dual or multiple line system for transporting workpiece carriers with heavy loads
  • Various chains and wear strips provide optimal support for the workpiece or workpiece carrier
  • Suitable for dirty and oily environments
  • Low-maintenance and sturdy operation in reverse, congestion and cyclic modes
  • Suitable workpiece carriers, lift-and-transfer modules, stoppers, positioning units, rotating units and control components available
  • Longitudinal slots in the mk 2010 profile beam provide flexible options for connecting struts, guides, sensors and other accessories

Conveyor Technology Catalogue

Detailed information on chain conveyors can be found in our Conveyor Technology catalogue.

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Application Examples

Montagelinie 1

The customer requires a pallet circulation system for the production of gate valves for water pipes, on which the valves can be assembled and buffered. The system then needs to transport the valves to the customer’s dipping station where they are checked for leaks.

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Fahrerlose Transportsysteme 03

Motor blocks and cylinder heads are manufactured and assembled at an automobile manufacturer. Various motor components need to be flexibly supplied for mounting on the main line so that they can be subsequently assembled. There is no interim storage on the assembly line, meaning that production…

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Portalzuführung 01

Turned parts with a wide range of lengths (16 types) must be feed to a grinder. The feeding process must be performed horizontally and with only one belt conveyor. The workpieces are positioned by hand and removed by a gantry gripper provided by the customer. In order to keep the standstill…

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