Conveyor Chains & Maintenance Accessories

Roller chains and accumulating roller chains for use in mk chain conveyors and corresponding maintenance accessories.

The roller chains and accumulating roller chains are available in various designs to ensure optimal function in your specific application. Our standard product range includes a single roller chain and a duplex roller chain. The duplex chain offers a larger support surface and can therefore convey heavier loads.

Accumulating roller chains with either plastic or steel rollers are available for accumulated operation. Plastic rollers produce less noise and require less maintenance than steel rollers, but they are not suitable for environments with sustained temperatures above 60° C, in painting applications or in potentially explosive atmospheres.

When using steel rollers, note that plastic wear strips (PE or POM) must be attached to the contact surfaces on the workpiece carriers to be transported. The accumulating roller chains consist of accumulating rollers arranged in a straight line or in an offset pattern.

The offset accumulating rollers offer more contact points and therefore smoother operation as well as a higher max. load for the line. These chains can also be equipped with a finger guard in accordance with the German accident prevention regulations (UVV).

In contrast to timing belts, chains must always be well lubricated. They can used in temperatures up to 60° C or up to 120° C. Higher temperatures can be achieved on request. Low-maintenance chains are also available as an option.

Chain Data Sheets

Tensioning and Lubrication Station  KTF/SRF-P 2010
The use of the optional automatic tensioning and lubrication station lets you avoid unnecessary maintenance tasks. There is no need to manually retension or manually oil the chain. Automatic tensioning does not change the length of the conveyor. In addition to the visual tensioning distance monitor, a tensioning distance sensor is also available, both with and without a lubricant insert.

Tensioning Device for SRF-P 2012
mk offers an optional automatic tensioning device that uses a traffic light marking to indicate when the chain needs to be shortened > Green: OK > Yellow: Shortening not yet required > Rot: Chain must be shortened if the maximum 
elongation of 3% of the chain has not been reached. When the elongation reaches 3%, the chain and the sprocket wheels must be replaced.

Assembly aid for chain replacement
To replace the accumulating roller chain, you must relieve the tension at the tail. The built-in assembly aid makes it easier to replace the chain by allowing you to remove one part of the wear strip separately. You must then advance the accumulating roller chain until the chain lock with the blue ring appears in the opened area. You can now replace the accumulating roller chain.


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