Stairs and Platforms

Stairs and Platforms

Access Points, Platforms and Work Platforms for Safe Working

With our platforms, we offer custom solutions for safely accessing work areas and performing work on vehicles, machines or systems. The platforms we offer include custom assembly and maintenance platforms, simple standard platforms, and footbridges for use in production areas.

mk stairs and platforms are planned and manufactured to order. We take into account the specific conditions on site, such as large heights or the need for extended reach. Appropriate functions are then planned, such as height adjustment, mobile capabilities or integrated rotary joints.
By utilising the mk profile system, we can fulfil virtually any requirement in terms of effective area, travel distance or minimum clearance, depending on the specific application.

Features of mk Stairs and Platforms

  • A variety of designs and options that fulfil safety requirements and improve workstation ergonomics
  • Modular design allows for easy assembly and disassembly using standard tools
  • The large selection of configurations provided by the profile system gives us maximum flexibility to implement customer-specific functions
  • High material quality, sturdy connection technology and high-quality accessories ensure high load capacities and long service lives
  • Compatible modules and removable connection technology allow for easy modifications and additions
  • Mobile designs available with fixed or swivel casters or air cushions


Our sturdy and lightweight industrial stairs are made from mk 2040.68, mk 2040.69 and mk 2040.06 profiles. The profiles used in the stairs have a slip-reducing surface structure. The screw connections in the profile slots eliminate the need for machining components.

Stairs can be designed with various inclines depending on the intended function or available space. The recommended inclines for the stairs are based on the type of use.

Information about Stairs


    With its four series of profiles, the mk profile system offers nearly endless combinations for constructing platforms. The size of the platforms can vary from simple footbridges to assembly platforms that are 15 m long and 6 m high. Platforms are covered with chequer sheets as standard or with profiles on request. For industrial applications, the platform's outer contours are equipped with toe kicks in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14122-2. Platforms can also have a mobile design, for example with fixed or swivel casters or with an air cushion system.

    Information about Platforms


      mk guardrails can be used in a wide range of applications, and their flexibility makes them ideal for adapting to individual requirements. Our ergonomic hand rail (mk 2040.16 profile) has a diameter of 40 mm that complies with the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 14122-3 standard. Both the connection equipment and the end caps of the hand rails have large radii to prevent injuries and to comply with the relevant occupational safety provisions and applicable regulations.

      Information about Guardrails

      Our lightweight and sturdy hinges for hand rails are always used in combination with mk 2040.01 and mk 2040.16 profiles. The hinges are also available in optional surface variants, such as anodised or painted in various RAL colours.

        Application Examples

        Containerpodest 1

        Several platforms with stairs are required at a logistics centre belonging to the German armed forces. The platforms are intended to ensure safe and easy access to overseas containers that are stacked on top of one another. They need to be used across the entire site and therefore need to be on…

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        Schutzeinhausung Montagelinie 03

        A fully automatic assembly line for suction pipe modules that is approximately 45-metres long needs to be equipped with guarding, including protective fences and machine housings. Passages and transitions for system maintenance also need to be created. Mounting occurs at several stations along a…

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        Montagebühne 01

        A European helicopter and aircraft component manufacturer requires various mobile assembly platforms and work platforms for the assembly of helicopters. These platforms have to be adapted to the height and contours of the helicopters and fitted with different levels and in some cases multiple…

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