Opportunities for University Students

Looking for a specialised pre-university internship, a semester-long industry placement or the opportunity to do a project-based thesis?

We offer six-week pre-university internships in the field of engineering at our location in Troisdorf. The internship will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need for your program of study, with a particular focus on manual and mechanical skills. During the internship, we will tailor the training areas and the scope of your activities according to the guidelines of your university or technical college. 

Industry Placement and Semester Projects

In recent years, universities and colleges are increasingly requiring students to combine the theory they learn in their studies with practical experience. At the same time you will get exciting insights into the operations of a global mechanical engineering firm and benefit from our more than 50 years of experience.
In addition to the industry placement, mk will also help you with your end-of-semester paper, either in finding a topic or with later editing.

Theses (Bachelor & Master)

At the end of your university program, you have the opportunity to write a project-based final thesis with mk. We provide our students with plenty of help and close guidance to ensure that, in the end, both parties benefit from our collaboration. If you would like to write your thesis with mk, please contact us directly – ideally with a specific topic in mind.


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