Wartung und Technischer Service

Technical Service

Dependable Consulting and Technical Support

Productivity is the key to your company’s success in a globally competitive market. It is vital for your machines and systems to run reliably and continuously over their entire life cycle so that you can always meet your customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently with the highest quality. We offer comprehensive services to assist you at every stage of your project.

Consulting, implementation and commissioning

Based on your specific application, our field team provides on-site consulting and assists with planning, designing and implementation. Our qualified fitters are available to perform commissioning on site. Prior functional tests and approvals can be carried out in full at mk. This ensures that your on-site production can get under way quickly and smoothly.

Maintenance and repair

We aim to maintain permanent system availability during service activities. Whether maintenance, servicing or spare parts supply, unforeseen interruptions are kept to a minimum at mk. Remote diagnostics systems simplify and accelerate maintenance, eliminating downtimes and unnecessary costs. Depending on customers’ individual requirements, we offer customised maintenance contracts – no matter whether you use modules in your machine or complete systems in your production line.

Spare parts supply

It is not necessary for you to keep a store of spare parts and wear items on site in order to be prepared for the unexpected. mk holds sufficient quantities of these parts to be able to supply them to you quickly if needed. It is extremely simple to order the components you require using the wear items list in the manual. To speed up processing, including in the case of warranty claims, simply enter the machine number, which can be found on the type plate. You can also find the machine number in the manual.

Special service – rapid on-site belt replacement

To keep downtimes to a minimum, conveyor belts up to 600 mm and timing belts up to 100 mm in width can be welded directly on site. A mobile belt welding system ensures seamless connections of the highest quality.

Quality assurance

Should you encounter problems with one of our products, our goal is to work with you to find a solution. Our technical service has years of expertise and will be happy to help. We’ll work together to decide the right course of action based on your requirements, whether this is to provide spare parts, repair or return the product.


For custom requests, please contact our technical service department at service(at)mk-group.com or using the contact form below.


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