industrial workstations

Industrial Workstations

Industrial Workstations for Optimal Productivity

Ergonomically designed industrial workstations not only improve productivity and reduce the rate of mistakes, but they also improve employee's health and well-being. mk workstations can be quickly and easily adjusted to each employee's particular physical needs. This includes a height adjustment mechanism and a design that allows the workpiece, the tools and the bins for providing materials to be optimally positioned within the employee's reach.

Features of mk Industrial Workstations

  • Functionality meets ergonomics, with excellent stability and an attractive design
  • Aluminium profile construction gives you the ultimate flexibility to expand and make changes
  • Table frame with an adjustable height and variable material provision systems allow the workstation to be adapted to the employee
  • Extensively customisable, with gantries, shelving systems, electrical and pneumatic supply options, tool hangers and drawer cabinets
  • We have extensive experience in expanding these stations into complete assembly lines, including workstation interlinking
  • Custom solutions can be designed to fit existing processes, including requirements relating to lean production, kanban, ESD or cleanroom processes

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