Power Supply for Industrial Workstations

Pneumatic components and custom power strips for flexible supply of air and power to workstations.

Pneumatic Supply
Compressed air is supplied via the mk 2040.02 construction profile. A major advantage of using profiles to supply the air is that is allows for great flexibility in the position and quantity of connection/distributor plates.

Electrical Supply
The standard electrical supply system is a combination of mk 2040.41 and mk 2069 profiles. The unit features exceptional stability and a closed design. Various sockets and switch combinations can be freely positioned along the entire working width. A major advantage of this system is that you can change or add equipment very easily. The electrical supply system is tested in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-410 and includes a circuit diagram.

Information about Power Supply

The simplest way to supply power is using power strips in two different designs. The strips have a lit 16 A rocker switch, which has a 2-pole switch off. The supply lines are 1.75 m long. They contain a longitudinal slot and eyelet for fastening them in various positions on the profile.


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